Mizuno Wave Paradox Sneak Peek (updated 2/4/14)*

The Wave Paradox is an entirely new model from Mizuno that will slot into the maximum pronation support category. That’s right, the Alchemy has been scrapped after 12 years of service in favor of a fresh design that relaunches Mizuno in this popular category that includes models such as the Asics Gel Kayano, Saucony Hurricane, and Brooks Trance (which becomes the Transcend in February 2014).

Among the differentiators for the Paradox will be its weight – just 10.6 oz for a Men’s 9 and 8.6 oz for a Women’s 8 according to Mizuno. The low weight in conjunction with substantial pronation support is exactly the paradox that gives the shoe its name.

What to Watch For

  • Lightest in Class: The Paradox is set to be the lightest premium, maximum support shoe when it is released, especially in the Women’s version, which is expected to be about an ounce lighter than its closest competitor (the Kayano 20).
  • Pronation Control: A Fan Wave plate design is used in the midsole to discourage overpronation and provide a stable ride.
  • Inspired by Zentangle Drawings: Mizuno claims that the graphic on the upper “is made entirely of straight lines.” We’re pretty sure we see more than a couple curves on the shoe, but this repetitive pattern was inspired by the zentangle drawing technique. *(Our original blog post attributed the pattern to a traditional Japanese drawing technique.)

Release Date
January 2014


Men’s Color
White/Blue/Red Men’s Mizuno Wave Paradox

Women’s Color
White/Marigold/Aqua Women’s Mizuno Wave Paradox

Mizuno Wave Paradox Women's Running Shoe

  • Wuke

    What degree of support would these shoes offer? Which one is similar to these: Brooks Trance or Brooks Addiction?

  • Matt

    The Wave Paradox is designed as a maximum support shoe. It will have a similar level of support compared to the Trance. The Addiction is a motion control shoe and has a higher level of pronation support than the Trance or the Wave Paradox.

  • Matt

    Does the men’s shoe have pink and purple? As superficial as that is, it would prevent me from buying unless they came out with some better colors.

  • Matt

    Nope, the colors are red and blue, though there’s a shiny coating on the midsole that may make the red color look a little more faded/light than it really is. We expect this to be the only Men’s color until July 2014.

  • Wuke

    So why do they say that Paradox will replace Alchemy series? And they say that Paradox would be the lightest motion control shoes

  • Matt

    Thanks for the questions. The Alchemy is not a motion control shoe – it is designed to provide maximum pronation support, but not motion control. The Paradox is set to be the lightest maximum support shoe, not motion control shoe. Motion control shoes like the Brooks Beast and Saucony Stabil provide very aggressive overpronation correction. Mizuno does not currently offer a shoe in this category, and their most recent motion control shoe was the Renegade, which was discontinued in 2009.

  • xenon

    How about Nirvana? i thinked Nirvana and Alchemy were same Maximium Support category shoes, but if Alchemy replace with Paradox, Nirvana will not continued?

  • Matt

    The Nirvana offered less support for overpronation than the Alchemy. It was designed as a premium version of the Inspire. The Nirvana has been discontinued in the U.S. market.

  • matt

    Do you know what the heel-to-toe drop will be?

  • Matt

    We measured a sample shoe at 29mm in the heel and 18mm in the forefoot for an 11mm offset.

  • Reed

    Will the paradox replace the wave nirvana 8? How will it feel the same and how will it feel different?

  • Matt

    The Nirvana series has been discontinued in the U.S. market. The Paradox is a direct replacement for the outgoing Wave Alchemy, and is designed to provide maximum pronation support compared to the moderate pronation support of the Nirvana. We have not yet had a chance to run in the Paradox but given the changeover to the U4iC midsole compound, we expect a smoother and just a bit softer ride than provided by either the Alchemy or Nirvana series.