Merrell Ascend Glove Sneak Peek

Merrell Ascend Glove Men's Shoe

For anyone not keeping track, a big story in 2013 is zero-drop running footwear with more cushion than the “barefoot” shoes of prior seasons. This geometry caters to runners who like a level platform but aren’t huge fans of the bare-bones pounding of models with little to no underfoot padding.

The Ascend Glove is Merrell’s solution for runners who want a zero-drop trail shoe with a bit of protection. Compared to the more minimal Trail Glove, the Ascend Glove should excel on more technical or rugged trails. According to Merrell, the Ascend Glove is expected to come in at 8 oz for the Men’s model.

What to Watch For

  • MotionMesh: A new open mesh pattern allows for optimal breathability and flexibility without compromising security.
  • Zero Drop: The Ascend Glove is designed with stack heights of 10.5mm in both the forefoot and heel to encourage an uninhibited stride.
  • Vibram Outsole: A lugged outsole offers durability as well as traction on a variety of terrain types.


Launch Date
July 2013 August 2013

Men’s Color
Zest Merrell Ascend Glove

Women’s Color
Black/Pink Merrell Ascend Glove

Merrell Ascend Glove Women's Shoe

  • PepeLp

    Aaaarrrgh! These look great, and I have to wait ’til July? You guys are killing me.

  • Mary27

    Why do you have no sneak peeks of adidas shoes?

  • Matt

    We will be carrying few new adidas models for Fall 2013, but we will provide updates on those as soon as we can.

  • Mary27

    thanks. in the last weeks you you not provided many updates. will this be better in the next days?

  • Matt

    We’ll be doing many more sneak peeks over the next 6-8 weeks, so stay tuned!

  • ross

    @PepeLp think yourself lucky – i’m in uk, so we’ll probably be paying $180 for these in jan ’14 whilst yours are all on clearance sale in anticipation of the ascend glove 2! :-p