Introducing Nike Flyknit Lunar1+

Even if you’ve been living under a rock (and if you are, it might be time to see what other housing alternatives are available in your community), Nike has likely found you and let you know about the introduction of the Nike Flyknit Lunar1+ running shoe (now available at Running Warehouse). We first heard about this shoe, known then as the Nike Flyknit One, back in December 2012, and the finished product looks like one sweet ride.

Is Flyknit for You?

Flyknit technology is just a few months old, being first used on the Flyknit Racer and Flyknit Trainer models last Fall. There are three big benefits to Flyknit:

  1. It provides a snug, customized fit, thanks to a variable-density weave that provides structure right where you need it.
  2. It allows for a supremely lightweight shoe, because no overlays are needed.
  3. It greatly reduces waste during the manufacturing process, with Nike claiming just a few threads are left over following construction.

The magic really starts happening when you attach this innovative upper to the pillow-soft Lunar platform. Together, you have a customized, sock-like fit along with a well-cushioned, lightweight platform that’s ready to rack up the miles. Is the Flyknit Lunar1+ the best of both worlds? That’s for you to decide – once you come out from under that rock.

  • brent

    So when will these be in stock?

  • Taro


    The Flyknit Lunar1+ is in stock now:

  • Paul

    what is the offset of the shoe (heel to toe)?

  • Matt

    The Flyknit Lunar1+ has a 10mm offset (26mm heel, 16mm forefoot).

  • Jake

    I have had the Flyknit Trainer & Flyknit Racer since August of last year. Mainly been using the Trainers for all runs ranging from interval track/treadmill workouts to long runs (for me 10-14mi). Used Racers for some tempo’s, track sessions, and races (oly tri, 70.3 tri, 1/2 mara).
    I will be ready for new ones (3rd pair) in march and wondering if i should stay with the Flyknit Trainers or try out the Flyknit Lunar1+. What’s the difference between the two? or key characteristics that distinguish the 2?

    I have the LunarGlide 4’s for walk around shoes but i could never run in them (too padded and cushy feeling). I know everyone is different so not sure but i see people like Galen Rupp who train primarily Triax shoe and another pro athlete (maybe Cam Levins) who primarily uses the Pegasis…

    If it helps for suggestions, the majority of my runs are between 6-9 with the occasional longer run and sometimes shorter. i’m about 155ish and 23yrs old and ave pace at end of most runs are between 6:45-7:05.

    Don’t have a lot of experience cause just started the whole endurance thing 3yrs ago doing triathlons so all suggestions are appreciated!!

  • Taro


    While the Flyknit Trainer and the Flyknit Lunar1 share an upper, the Lunar1 features a midsole very similar to that of the LunarGlide 4 and offers a soft ride – probably not the best choice if you didn’t like the feel of the LunarGlide’s.

    If you’re looking for something different, Pegasus 29 offers a bit more cushioning than the Flyknit Trainer and would be a good option if you’re looking for a beefier shoe for training (and you’re right – numerous Nike athletes such as Cam Levins and Mo Farah train in this shoe). Outside of Nike, the adidas adios (, Brooks PureFlow (, and Asics Gel Lyte33 ( are all similar in function to the Flyknit Trainer.

  • chad

    Lunar glide4 is not really a nuetral shoe because the layering on the inner is more supportive. I noticed that the flynitlunar doesn’t have the same lunoron layering, so does that mean it is a nuetral shoe? I need to know because I’m a supinator.

  • Matt

    The Flyknit Lunar+ 1 is indeed a neutral shoe. Thanks for the question!

  • eason

    I have had the Flyknit Trainer & Flyknit Racer since August of last year.

  • Tim

    I am still a bit unsure if the flyknit has the same amount of cushioning as the Lunarglide 4’s. would you say that they have the same amount or less? I actually do not like the dual density of the Lunarglide 4, and think they are really designed for overpronators, but they do have great cushioning. Thanks!!

  • Matt

    Thanks for the question, Tim. The Flyknit Lunar1+ is a bit firmer underfoot than the LunarGlide, and you are correct that the LunarGlide provides a bit of pronation support. The Flyknit shoe has a platform that is 2mm lower than the LunarGlide, which probably contributes to it feeling not quite as soft.

  • Tim

    Thanks so much for the reply on that- very helpful!