Introducing adidas Energy Boost

It’s been a while since we’ve seen some revolutionary new running tech from adidas. But in the spirit of go ‘big or go home,’ adidas has just introduced a new midsole technology it claims will “change running forever.” There might be just a bit of hyperbole in that marketing message, but we think they’re onto something with the new Boost foam, which is debuting in several new running models this spring and fall.

Introducing Boost

If you follow the world of running footwear, you’ve probably stumbled upon this video demonstrating adidas’ new Boost material:

Comprised of small TPU pellets molded together, the Boost material promises significantly increased energy return over a standard EVA foam, while feeling even softer underfoot. The midsole is claimed to maintain the same density from mile 1 to mile 600 as well as in all temperatures. Don’t let the ‘packing peanuts’ look fool you – we’ve had a chance to give it a try and we found the compound to offer a surprising amount of rebound and responsiveness despite its soft underfoot feel.

The Shoes

The first shoe with the Boost midsole will be the aptly named Energy Boost (available from us in June).  It’s a neutral daily trainer with a 10mm heel-to-toe offset and claimed weights of 9.7 oz (Men’s size 9) and 8.2 oz (Women’s size 8). Aside from the new midsole, this neutral trainer will feature a seamless and stretchy upper construction similar to what we’ve seen in the adipure Gazelle, as well as a flexible outsole to deliver a smooth ride from heel to toe.

Later this year, we will see an expansion of the Boost lineup to include two additional offerings: The adistar Boost (available in June) will be a premium stability trainer, and the adios Boost (available in October) will be a new take on the pedigreed adizero adios (which will continue to be available). Expect to see the adios Boost on the feet of top adidas athletes during the upcoming Boston Marathon this April.

adidas Energy Boost introduction, February 13, 2013

  • Nick

    Any word on the Adidas SpringBlade?

  • Matt

    Today is the first we’ve heard about this technology. We have no other information beyond what was shared at the press conference.

  • Alex

    Hypothetical: Let’s say one of Adidas’ star runners runs a 2:02:XX at Boston. Is there controversy because of the claimed performance enhancing benefits of the shoe?

  • Justin

    Am I wrong but isn’t this going to affect the drop ratio?

  • Matt

    Good question – adidas lists a heel-to-toe offset of 10mm for the Energy Boost.

  • Nick

    Is there an ETA on the Adios Boost?

  • Matt

    The Energy Boost is available in very limited quantities at a few retailers now. We are expecting our first shipment in August.

  • MIke

    Droll, very droll.

  • Eric

    August????? I thought these would be out in March.

  • Matt

    They are launching next week in a limited distribution. Our first shipment will not be until August.

  • Nate

    I tried these on at a local store. The cushioning feels amazing but the fit is rather narrow toward the front of the shoe. I’ll look forward to upcoming shoes with this midsole that are a little wider.

  • Andy

    Looking forward to picking up a pair. I really like the looks. Hopefully they will perform well. 10 mm offset doesn’t seem too bad.

  • Shelly

    Excited that Energy Boost is being offered in stability shoe – when will the Adistar Boost be available? Thx!

  • Matt

    We are expecting a small, early shipment of the adistar Boost in early June.