Inov-8 Trailroc Sneak Peek

INOV-8 Trailroc Series (255, 235, and 245 Pictured)

Designed for running on loose, rugged and eroded trails, the Trailroc wants to be your new buddy for when the going gets tough. This is a brand new design from Inov-8, available in three flavors to give you just the mix of cushioning and protection you need. It’s also the first Inov-8 shoe to use three different types of rubber compounds on the outsole to optimize grip and durability.

This series of light, low and nimble trail shoes is set to compete with the New Balance MT/WT110, along with the upcoming Asics Gel Fuji Racer and Saucony Kinvara TR.

What to Watch For

  • Tri-C Compound: Inov-8 uses a soft sticky rubber on the toe and arch areas for improved grip, an endurance rubber spanning from the heel to the metatarsals for durability, and a hard sticky rubber on the medial and lateral forefoot for improved wear rate. Note that the sole is a uniform color on the sample shoes shown but will be three different colors in production to showcase the technology.

INOV-8 Trailroc 245 Outsole View

  • 3 Offsets Available: The Trailroc 235 is a zero drop model. The Trailroc 245 has a one-arrow shock zone, measured in our sample shoe as a 4mm heel-to-toe drop, and the Trailroc 255 has a two-arrow shock zone, measured in our sample shoe as a 7mm difference between the heel and forefoot.
  • Light Weight: All the Trailroc models break the 10.0 oz barrier, with the 235 weighing in at 8.3 oz, the 245 at 8.7 oz, and the 255 at 9.9 oz (Men’s sample size 9).
  • Met-Cradle Lacing: Lightweight overlays help to keep the upper snug on your foot and hold your foot securely to the mid/outsole for confident performance wherever the trail takes you.
  • Meta-Shank: Included in the 245 and 255, this built-in rock guard offers added protection from rocks and other ornery trail debris.
  • Anatomic Fit: A wider toebox gives the toes room to splay out, particularly helpful for a midfoot strike pattern.

The Trailroc series has a targeted release date of July 2012. Based on prior new releases from Inov-8, we could see that date getting pushed back a month or more, so we’ll keep you posted as we get closer to summer. UPDATE: We are now expecting the Trailroc 235, 245 and 255 to arrive in late August 2012.


  • David Henry

    Any estimated MSRP on these and do you know if they will be available in size 14 (I know Inov-8s typically seem only go up to 13)?

  • Matt

    The 235, 245 and 255 each have an MSRP of $120.00. We are scheduled to receive each model in size 14.0, and we also have many of Inov-8’s current models in this size as well. Thanks for the questions!

  • David Henry

    Thanks for the feedback. That MSRP is not too bad…I was hearing rumors of $150+ which would have been a little crazy. Awesome they will be in a 14…13s are doable if I take the insoles out, but 14 should fit better with insoles in. Thanks again!

  • Dan H

    These look great. This is the first I’ve seen of an anatomic last for a trail shoe from Inov-8. Unlike their competition, Inov-8 keeps the rock plate out of the metatarsal flex zone, so you can still flex the forefoot. Here’s details on the meta-shank:

    Cannot wait to buy these.

  • Tina M.

    Will these shoe be available in women’s sizes and if so, what will the colors be?

  • Matt

    The Trailroc is being introduced as a Men’s-only model, though of course female runners can size down.

  • Tim

    Started out trail running in Inov-8 310’s 4 years ago, went to Salomon Pro 3D Ultra, then VFF KSO Treks and now i’m in Merrells Trail Glove.

    It’s been a journey for sure…the incumbents have the spacious toebox,zero drop, roll up flexibility in the sole, toughness not to tear apart and lace to get a good fit….and they fit so good out of the box you can literally put em on new and run 60km with no probs….i’ve done it myself!

    But with all that going on they are no race shoe as the confidence isn’t there on greasy rocks, slippery grass or the mile after mile of jagged shattered volcanic or granite based rock…… it possible…….could one dream…….is there the slightest chance that these could fill the gap and be the PERFECT barefoot trail shoe? Well almost barefoot anyway…

    I’ve been buying shoes for years off you guys and trust your reviews and advice…..what do you thinkm

  • Matt

    Thanks for the comment and sharing your trail shoe experience over the last couple of years. For better traction, you may want to look at:

    New Balance MT00 (
    Inov-8 Bare-X 180 (
    Inov-8’s upcoming Trailroc 235 (

    For a fast trail shoe with better protection than the Trail Glove but that still feels light and low, try:

    Inov-8 X-talon 190 (
    New Balance MT110 (
    Asics Gel Fuji Racer (

  • Mark G

    Hey guys. Two questions: when are they available; and do you ship to Australia?! These shoes look amazing! Thanks, MG

  • Matt

    We’re expecting all three models in stock in August. Inov-8 shoes can be shipped to Australia. Thanks for the questions!

  • Brad S

    Exactly my question! Waiting (im)patiently!

  • Ben T.

    Can’t wait. I’m undecided between the 245 and 255 though. Not because of heel drop (I currently run in 4mm – MT110s) but because of protection. I switch back to my Flyroc 310s for the really rocky trails in Central PA. So do you have actual forefoot thickness measurements on these models yet? that would help me decide which one I’ll try first. I’m looking for light but more forefoot protection than the MT110s.

  • Matt

    Hi Ben, thanks for the thoughts and feedback. We didn’t get stack height measurements for the Trailroc series yet. We should have stack heights available in about a month.