Inov-8 Spring 2013 Sneak Peek

Inov-8 has several new models on the way for Spring 2013. They’re expanding their road-focused models, adding to the Trailroc line, and introducing a few other noteworthy trail shoes.


In addition to the 255, 245 and 235 that are releasing in August 2012 (read about them here), the Trailroc lineup expands next spring with several new models.

  • Trailroc 150 – For the most barefoot-like experience in the Trailroc series, the 150 offers lightweight, minimalist performance with a low-profile, zero-drop platform. The shoe is supremely flexible with an estimated weight of just 5.3 oz. MSRP $100.00
  • Trailroc 226 – The 226 (Women’s version of the 235) is a zero offset design that, like all Trailroc models, offers three sticky rubber compounds of various hardness for optimal wear and grip. MSRP $130.00
  • Trailroc 236 - Suitable for trail racing or training, the 236 is the Women’s version of the 245. Its 1 arrow Shoc-Zone gives the shoe a 3mm offset. MSRP $130.00
  • Trailroc 246 – This is the Women’s version of the 255, offering the most cushioning and protection in the Trailroc range with a 6mm offset, along with max grip on loose or dry trails. MSRP $130.00


Joining the Road-X line in Inov-8’s road offerings, the Road-Xtreme lineup is a group of lightweight, high-grip road running shoes. We plan to carry the Road-Xtreme 138 and Road-Xtreme 118, the lightest and lowest models in this line.

  • Road-Xtreme 138 – This shoe is designed to tip the scales at just 4.9 oz, with a zero offset, anatomic fit, lightweight mesh, and minimal material underfoot. We’ll have a White/Blue/Red color, which was not available as an early sample to photograph. MSRP $100.00
  • Road-Xtreme 118 – Weighing just 4.2 oz with a zero offset, the Road-Xtreme 118 offers a minimal run experience. A mixed mesh upper is designed to give great breathability. We’ll have a White/Yellow/Pink color, which was not available as an early sample to photograph. MSRP $100.00

Other New Models

  • Roclite 243 - This model is an update to the Roclite 285. As the name suggests, this performance trail shoe gets lighter by almost half an ounce, and it also lowers down to a 3mm offset. MSRP $120.00
  • Mudclaw 265 – Great for steep or soft terrain thanks to its studded platform, the Mudclaw 265 will have a 3mm offset and join the Mudclaw 300, releasing in August. MSRP $120.00

Inov-8 Roclite 243 Men's Running Shoe

  • David Henry

    A couple questions: Will the Roclite 243, Trailroc 150 and Road-Xtreme 138 be carried in a size 14 and will you guys carry the new anatomic F-Lites that are also supposed to come out Spring I believe (also in 14)? Been running in the Trailroc line recently and Inov-8 really nailed it on these shoes.

  • Alice

    Thank you for your questions, David. We plan to stock the Inov-8 Roclite 243, Trailroc 150 and Road-Xtreme in Men’s size 14. Going forward we will not be carrying any of the F-Lite series shoes because they are designed for ‘functional fitness’, and we focus on run specialty products. We’re glad you’ve been so happy with the Trailrocs that you’ve been running in!

  • David Henry

    Forgot to ask, will you stock the mudclaw 265 in a 14 also? I did hear that they are making it up to 14.

  • Alice

    We have plans to stock the Mudclaw 265 in a Men’s size 14. We’ve also been informed that Inov-8 will not be manufacturing the Road-Xtreme in Men’s size 14.

  • tintallie

    Are any of these models going to be available in a Men’s size 5?

  • Matt

    Four Men’s models are mentioned in this post. According to Inov-8, both the Trailroc 150 and the Road-Xtreme 138 will both be produced in Men’s size 5.0, but the smallest size we will carry in both will be Men’s 7.0. The Roclite 243 and Mudclaw 265 also will be produced down to a Men’s size 5.0, but we will carry these shoes only down to a size 8.0. The remaining Women’s models shown will be available from us down to a size 6.0 (except the Road-Xtreme 118, which will go down to size 6.5). The equivalent Men’s size is 1.5 sizes smaller, though Women’s models are B, not D, width.

  • Lesley


    Th Roclite 243 is awesome, and better for post snow mud than the trailroc – but there is no women’s version of it yet. Since it is marketed as unisex, why not carry the smaller sizes so we can buy them – especially since there doesn’t seem to be anything comparable (real, bidirectional lugs, low differential, and flexible sole)? Were they too wide?

  • Matt

    Thanks for the comment, Lesley. We’ve had a tough time selling a sufficient number of smaller sizes in many Inov-8 models in the past, so we’ve been focusing on bringing in these sizes only when we forecast healthy demand from female runners. I’ve passed along your feedback to our Inov-8 buyer and if we start to hear more interest, we may bring in a run of smaller sizes.

  • patrick

    When are you expecting to have the 138’s for sale?

  • Matt

    Thanks for the question. We’re expecting them right at the beginning of April.