Brooks Ravenna 4 Sneak Peek

Brooks Ravenna 4 Men's Running Shoe

The Ravenna 4 gets a fresh upper for a new look and improved fit. Brooks is also updating the design spec to provide just a bit more cushioned feel. We expect the Ravenna to carry on as a nicely cushioned shoe with a flexible feel and smooth transition. That combination hits the sweet spot for many runners needing moderate pronation support.

What to Watch For

  • New Upper Design: A fresh look stays true to the Ravenna’s design heritage but introduces bold hues for Men and Women (along with more traditional colors).
  • Adjustable Midfoot Saddle: The band that wrapped up from the platform to the laces in prior Ravenna models is now adjustable and flexes with how much you tighten the laces.

Launch Date
February 2013


Men’s Colors
Green/NightLife/Silver Brooks Ravenna 4
Lava/NightLife/Black Brooks Ravenna 4
White/Blue/Black Brooks Ravenna 4

Women’s Colors
Blue/NightLife/Silver Brooks Ravenna 4
Flower/NightLife/Silver Brooks Ravenna 4
White/Blue/Lime Brooks Ravenna 4

Brooks Ravenna 4 Women's Running Shoe

  • Liz

    I am hoping they have gone back to the fit of the Ravenna 2. Ravenna 3 was so boxy and deep, very poor fit. I own 4 pairs of Ravenna 2s and they are so amazing. Ravenna 3 was a huge let down.

  • Bill

    Liz, how did the 2’s compare to the original? I’ve had 6 pair but my streak of finding pairs online looks to have ended.


  • Chrissy

    I tried these on, was hoping for a bit narrower shoe than the Ghost 5 which I currently have. May have found a winner! I really like them. Can’t wait to run in the Ravenna 4.

  • Ashley

    Liz- I COMPLETELY AGREE!!! Ravenna 2 was the most perfect running shoe. I had as many pairs as I could buy up! And then Ravenna 3 happened. I returned them after only one 3 mile run. They were shocking after the comfort of R2! I just bought the R4s and they are closer to the 2- but not all the way. MUCH better than the 3s.