Brooks PureFlow 2 Sneak Peek

The PureFlow 2 carries over the midsole and outsole of the original PureFlow, with a new upper featuring asymmetrical lacing. MSRP will be $100.00.

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Men's PureFlow2. The Nav Band (in white) has been tightened from the prior model.

Men's PureFlow 2. Black/Green colorway also available at January 2013 launch.

Women's PureFlow 2. Same midsole/outsole, fresh take on the upper.

Women's PureFlow 2. Black/Nightlife (greenish yellow) also available at January 2013 launch.

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  • MarkG

    Any prospect of wider fit versions of the Pures? As a 2E(+) wearer usually I find the D width Pures a little on the squeezy side, which for me is a major drawback. If not for that, they’d undoubtably be my favourite shoe.

  • Matt

    We haven’t heard anything from Brooks about 2E widths for the Pure series, at least through this second generation. We’ve definitely had many customers asking for wide widths, and we’re almost certain Brooks has heard that feedback. So we’ll see what happens when the shoes get a full redesign in their next update.

  • Edward

    Anything released about the sole? The first version was way too squishy, and it caused a bit of foot pain. Also anything about the rubber on the bottom? I found the PureFlow and PureGrit to be very slick on wet concrete, rocks, and the like.

  • Matt

    Thanks for the question, Edward. Midsoles and outsoles are unchanged on the coming updates to the entire PureProject line, with one exception: the PureGrit gets improved traction and a more traditional lug design on the outsole. Brooks made the change in response to customer feedback like yours that the original shoe did not perform as well as expected on wet surfaces.

  • Kevin

    Is the ‘tightened’ nav band now going to make it feel narrower in the midfoot?? :(

  • Alice

    The tightened nav band will result in a more locked-down feel in the midfoot.

  • Michael

    Is there any expected weight-loss from the update to the upper?

  • Alice

    We are not expecting to see a change in weight in the Brooks PureFlow 2 from the previous version.

  • Jeff

    Edward, you should go to a different shoe then. Like the Kinvara. What makes these shoes great is the cushioning. Not many low offset shoes have this much cushioning. I run in POSE and I love the energy return in these shoes. It’s a springy ride. Not squishy and I get over 350mi in them. The Kinvara goes flat at 200mi. Nike shoes are squishy!! Pures are not. Know the difference.



  • Michael Busch

    Do you know when the new version is coming out? I love the current version except I wear out the rubber on the left foot heel on the outside. I guess that won’t change, but I am just hoping they don’t mess up the upper and make it not work for me. It is so hard to find a 4mm heel drop shoe that isn’t to minimal or uncushioned. This shoe is working really well for me. I also am rotating in the Kinvara 3’s, but not ready for running 20 milers in them yet.

  • Alice

    Thanks for your question, Michael. The Brooks PureFlow2 will launch in January of 2013.

  • Mark Woodhams

    Are these made in China? If so, why do they still sell for $100?

  • Alice

    Yes, this shoe is made in China. We would encourage you to get in touch with Brooks regarding their cost of production or their manufacturing facilities.