Brooks PureConnect 2 Sneak Peek

The PureConnect 2 carries over the midsole and outsole of the original PureConnect, with a new upper featuring asymmetrical lacing. MSRP will be $90.00.

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Men's PureConnect 2. The split toe design is called out clearly in the redesign.

Men's PureConnect 2. Note the open mesh design and lacing similar to the Green Silence.

Women's PureConnect 2. An updated mesh and overlay design.

Women's PureConnect 2. Launching along with the Men's version in January 2013.

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  • Danny

    Does it have a wider forefoot?
    Will they still chafe my knee if I ever bring my feet a little too far in when they`re going forward?
    Does it still have an uneven heel?

  • Matt

    Thanks for the question, Danny. We were not able to take detailed measurements of the sample shoe we saw, but we do not expect any changes to the width because the shoe will continue to be built on the same last (shoe shape). Because the mid/outsole is unchanged, it is likely that if your knee was uncomfortable in the original shoe, it will also feel uncomfortable in the updated model. The heel design, stack height, and heel-to-toe offset are all unchanged.

  • Michael

    Is there any additional carbon rubber being added to the forefoot on the V2? Or, in lieu of that, some kind of improvement to the durability of the exposed midsole area next to the great toe’s carbon rubber area?

  • Alice

    The midsole and the outsole will be carried over from the PureConnect. The only changes will be to the upper.