Brooks Glycerin 11 Sneak Peek

Brooks Glycerin 11 Men's Running Shoes

OK, so glycerin – what the heck is that? Before you say, “it’s a popular neutral, maximum feature running shoe from Brooks,” did you know that it’s also an essential ingredient in dynamite? Bet you didn’t. What this clearly means is that if you want a dynamite run, the Glycerin deserves to be on your list.

But we digress. You’re here to learn about the Glycerin 11, the upcoming version of this premium running shoe. Some pretty great changes are afoot in this update, but the intent of this shoe remains the same. As Brooks says, you can think of this shoe as your foot’s personal butler. Just don’t ask it to chauffeur you around – it’s not 16 yet.

What to Watch For

  • More Cushion: Enjoy comfort as the miles rack up thanks to bumped-up Brooks DNA cushioning technology compared to the Brooks Glycerin 10.
  • Filled-In Arch: The Glycerin 11 goes full ground contact with the addition of midsole and outsole material in the arch for a smoother heel-to-toe transition.
  • 3D Fit Print: Rubber overlays across the instep of the Glycerin 10 are replaced with a lighter weight printed material.


Launch Date

June 2013

Men’s Colors

Orange/Denim/Silver Brooks Glycerin 11
Blue/Skydiver/Silver Brooks Glycerin 11

Women’s Colors
Pink/Denim/Silver Brooks Glycerin 11
Aquarius/Blue/Black Brooks Glycerin 11

Brooks Glycerin 11 Women's Running Shoes

  • Ethan

    Looks like the Vomero 5

  • Stephen

    What is the weight on these?

  • Matt

    Thanks for the question. Brooks lists weights of 11.8 oz for the Men’s size 9 and 9.6 oz for the Women’s size 7.

  • Lon Jr

    i love these shoes. im gonna be gettin my 3rd pair this friday. like running on clouds. so comfortable. got a 5k sat and in 2 weeks my next marathon. these shoes are so worth it and make running races so much more enjoyable.

  • Lawrence C Wyatt.

    Are the glycerin 11s good for trail running, ? Also how would they do while working out?

  • Matt

    Though it’s not a trail-specific shoe, the Glycerin 11 should do fine on well-groomed trails and fire roads. They are built for running but should be able to handle a range of other common exercise activities.

  • Tami

    What will be the heel-to-toe drop on the Glycerin 11? Why don’t they offer more colors? Would love a black and fluorescent green combo!

  • Matt

    Thanks for the question Tami. We haven’t measured a production model of the Glycerin 11, but we expect it to have an 11-12mm offset. Brooks has only offered 2 Men’s and 2 Women’s colorways in the model for the past few seasons. There may be additional colors for Spring ’14.

  • aini

    when this shoe come to the curve boutique??
    i want to buy.. coz i’m the collector glycerin shoe…

  • http://n/a Melissa

    @ tami – If you go to the Brooks Website you’re able to see the in store exclusive color combo they are also offering for this shoe. It’s Bright Yellow, Grey and pink..Unique..very cool. check it out!