Brooks Ghost 5 Sneak Peek

Who You Gonna Call?

Through the latest in spectral imaging technology, we were able to capture a picture (at right) of the upcoming Brooks Ghost 5 traveling through the dark of night. This spirit of the underworld is set to have a hauntingly good fit and feel. Don’t expect to be able to run through walls, but do expect additional cushioning and a fresh design for the spookiest shoe in Brooks’ lineup.

So OK, the new Ghost 5 is real and not an apparition. We actually do have some real pics of this shoe – check them out below.

Launch Date

July 2012



What to Watch For

  • Lighter Weight: Published weights for the Ghost 5 are 10.7 oz for Men and 8.8 oz for Women, both lighter than our measurements for the Ghost 4.
  • Added Cushioning: The Ghost 5 has more cushioning on the lateral side compared to the prior model.

Men’s Colors

Women’s Colors

Brooks Ghost 5 Women's Running Shoes

Brooks Ghost 5 Men's Running Shoes

  • shawn gilchrist

    love the colors cant wait to get a pair

  • James Hoagland

    I wear-tested these for Brooks Running and it is a truly amazing shoe. Well-weighted and balanced and the transition is near perfect!

  • Richard Goldman

    I picked up a pair on my way home from work this evening (29-May-12), and walked the remaining ~2.5 miles home in them. Balance is indeed this shoe’s hallmark. The padding seems very evenly distributed — by comparison, my Saucony Ride 4 (which I like, and use with SOLE inserts) seems overly padded at the heel, and pitched forward somewhat.
    I have somewhat splayed feet, and hallux rigidus (arthritic big toes). Because the mesh extends a bit further up the front sides (i.e – the faux leather doesn’t wrap back as much from the front), there’s less pressure against my big toe joint, making the shoes more comfortable (or at least less uncomfortable.
    What’s interesting to me is that, last time around, I opted for the Ride 4 over the Ghost 4.
    So it goes …

  • Matt

    Thanks for the review, Richard. Hope they continue to work out well for you!