Asics Lite-Show Nimbus 15 and Cumulus 15

Asics Gel Nimbus 15 Lite-Show Men's Running Shoe

We recently previewed the upcoming Asics Gel Nimbus 15 and Asics Gel Cumulus 15. The updates certainly look good, and we think the added cushioning in the updated versions will be a lifesaver for fans of cushioned trainers.

“Lite-Show” colorways are another lifesaver – possibly literally – that will be introduced on these new models. What’s Lite-Show? As the images in this post suggest, we’re talking about some serious reflectivity in the upper along with glow-in-the-dark visible Gel units. For additional visibility, the Men’s models feature a “Flash Yellow” color on the upper, while Women’s models receive “Hot Coral.”

Lite-Show technology was first introduced last Fall in some of Asics’ apparel line. We appreciate the added safety offered by these apparel pieces and footwear options, and we’d recommend them to any runners who frequently find themselves training in the dark.

The Asics Nimbus 15 Lite-Show (MSRP: $155.00) and Cumulus 15 Lite-Show (MSRP: $125.00) both will be launching in August 2013 at Running Warehouse.

Asics Gel Nimbus 15 Lite-Show Women's Running Shoe

Asics Gel Cumulus 15 Lite-Show Running Shoes

  • Sky

    I’m glad to see other manufacturers finally start making high visibility versions of their shoes, particularly on shoes that aren’t also winterized. By the time a manufacturer I like gets this on a shoe I like I’ll probably be too old to run, though.

  • Matt

    Thanks for the comment. Which brands would you most like to see add reflectivity to their shoe models?

  • Sky

    As a public health professional I’d like to see all manufacturers make super high-vis standard on all shoes! Selfishly I’d like to see Nike do the Shield reflectivity on a regular or even Breathe shoe, Asics on the 33 shoes, Adidas on the Adizero shoes… from a selfish perspective. I know there’s a weight tradeoff with the reflective uppers that is undesirable from a marketing and manufacturing perspective in the lines I prefer. But in all honesty, most of us training in those performance trainers are racing in something else anyway. Those of us who must or choose to train in the dark on the road would gladly sacrifice a modest amount of weight for much better visibility. As it is we already have reflectors and lights bouncing around all over us.

  • Stephen

    I run in Mizuno, Saucony and Brooks but I would love to see every brand come out with a special scheme for each shoe. It would give runners more options and some peace of mind if they go out at night.

  • Michelle Warner

    Would like to see the green & yellow in the nimbus 15 in a wide for women.
    All the cool colors don’t come in wide widths. Please try to
    do some cool colors in this Asics Nimbers 15.

  • Matt

    The Nimbus 15 will be produced in widths in the Lightning/Punch/Marigold color only.

  • Jake

    Am I reading the images correctly: the upper left half is what the shoe looks like at night and the lower right is what it looks like in the day?

    Because I would kill for a pair of green/white/black gel-nimbus like the ones in the first pic. But that is just what the yellow shoes look like at night, right?

  • Matt

    Correct, Jake. The actual color of the shoe is yellow, not green.

  • Jen

    So excited for these! But are they available on your website yet? I can’t seem to find them…….

  • Matt

    Glad to hear you’re excited, these are pretty “flashy” shoes! Both the Nimbus and Cumulus Lite-Show models will be released in August. We’ll have them available for preorder on our website in July.

  • David Weeks

    Wow – A fat $10 price increase from Asics just to get some new visibilty? C’mon isn’t this being a little ‘greedy’ at this point as it’s the same shoe… Not worth it to most serious runners, I bet???

  • Joel

    Does Asics currently have a lite show shoe for stability runners. I need a pair ASAP

  • Matt

    Only the Cumulus and Nimbus get the Lite Show treatment for 2013.