Asics GT-2000 Sneak Peek

Asics GT-2000 Men's Running Shoe

Over the past 6 years, the Asics GT 2100 series has earned a reputation as one of the best daily trainers, period. The upper is a natural fit for runners of all stripes, the midsole balances cushion and responsiveness, and the outsole wears well for hundreds of miles. By far, it is Asics’ top seller in the running shoe category.

So when the company decided to redesign this shoe from the ground up and launch it under a whole new name – the GT-2000 – do you think they goofed around? No way. They invested in engineering and product testing to make sure the new shoe would perform better and remain a fan favorite.

Asics GT-2000 GT-X Women's and Men's Shoes

Launch Date

October 2012



What to Watch For

  • More Cushioning: The GT-2000 has the largest Gel pad of any GT series to date.
  • Two-Layer Midsole: The dual layer Solyte foam allows for differing foam densities for a gender-specific fit.
  • Updated Pronation Support: The new Dynamic Duomax continues to provide support through a redesigned medial posting in the lower portion of the midsole.
  • Reconstructed Heel Collar: Asics redesigned the Personal Heel Fit heel collar system to help keep the shoe comfortably locked in place on the foot.
  • Seamless Upper: Welded overlays reduce the risk of hotspots forming or a random seam jabbing your skin.
  • 10mm Offset: This shoe drops a bit from the GT-2170, which has an 11mm offset. The 1mm change will not be perceptible but is designed to reduce weight slightly.
  • GT-X Version: A waterproof Gore-Tex upper and lugged outsole makes this shoe ready for almost any type of weather.
  • Trail Version: With the same midsole and upper as the GT-2000, the Trail version adds grippy lugs for added traction on road and off.

Men’s Colors at Launch

Women’s Colors at Launch

Asics GT-2000 Women's Running Shoe

  • Chris girardi

    Man I hope they didnt mess up a good thing these are the most comfortable and durable running shoes Ive ever owned.

  • Bryan

    Looks like it’s a heal striker’s shoe with that 10 mm offset. Wonder why shoe companies feel like it is so necessary to have so much heal?

  • Matt

    Thanks for the comment, Bryan. The 10mm drop does provide cushioning for heel strikers but one of the reasons the GT 2100 series has been popular in recent years is the responsive ride it offers for mid- and forefoot strikers too. The GT 2100 fits in the “traditional” category that many runners still want, though all of the major shoe brands have introduced some type of more “minimal” shoe with a lower platform.

  • Liz

    At long last they are getting colours

  • Ethan

    Is the GT-2000 a replacement for the GT-2100 series?

  • Alice

    Yes. The GT-2000 is a replacement for the GT-2100 series.

  • Bill

    I contacted Asics about these shoes. They said I shouldn’t expect to see them in stores before February 2013. Definitely will not be an October 2012 release date.

  • Matt

    Thanks for the info, Bill. Our current information is that the GT-2000 and GT-1000 will have a multi-stage launch, and that we will be in the group of retailers to receive the shoe at its earliest launch date, in October.

  • Rudy

    Why is everyone so hyped about the wacky zany colors? I never understand that. I just want an all black shoe available in 4E. Combo that with Gore-Tex and I’ll order like 4 pairs.

  • Alice

    Thanks for your comments, Rudy. If you’re looking for an all black shoe that is available in the 4E width for men, and you feel like you would be alright in a shoe with a little less pronation control, then you might check out the Asics GT 2170 here: Asics will be discontinuing this shoe in favor of the new Asics GT 2000, so our supply is limited to stock on hand.

  • Fran

    Can you please tell me which of these colors come in a c/d width.

  • Alice

    Thanks for your question, Fran. The Asics GT-2000 will be available in the D width for women in the Black/Onyx/White colorway.

  • Tommy

    My current 2160s are due to rotate out, so I’m wondering if I should go ahead and get the 2170s, or will the 2000s be worth the wait? Any thoughts on compare/contrast?

  • Alice

    Thanks for your question, Tommy. The new GT-2000 will have even more cushioning than the previous 2100 series, but will have comparable pronation support. If you need a new shoe right now, then we’d recommend trying the 2170. If you’d like to wait, then you might try both the GT-2000 and GT-1000 (which is supposed to feel similar to the 2170), and keep the pair that works better for you.

  • angie

    I read about a running shoe for folks with osteoarthritis by Asics. Is it available yet and where?

  • Matt

    Thanks for the question, Angie. We don’t have information on this model – do you have any other details?

  • john

    As far as i can see there is not the same amount of gel at the back outside place of the shoe like gt2170, except it is hidden in the shoe. Do we have a date of releasing ? October is already here.

  • Alice

    Thanks for your question, John. We are expecting the Asics GT-2000 shoes to be available for sale in the next few days. We are taking preorders on our site here:

  • Sarah

    I have had 3 pairs of Asic gels. The one I liked best was my first pair, the GT2100. I need a new pair soon as the shoes I’m currenlty using seem to cause problems for my knee. What women’s shoe is currently available and most like the the 2100?

  • Matt

    Thanks for the question, Sarah. The Asics GT 2170 is the most similar shoe to the original 2100. Shop our selection here. This shoe is changing its name to the GT 2000, with the updates mentioned in the blog above. The GT 2000 will be arriving in stock in the next few days, but is available on our site for preorder here.

  • Babak

    From the comments I read here, GT 2000 are both more cushioned and more structured (in term of control). Now they are almost out may you tell which one is a softer ride between 2170 and 2000?
    (I personally don’t pronate but I pick stability shoes regarding my build for casual wear and moderate training).

  • Kj runner

    Just got the new Asics GT 2000… I’ve only had one run (10km) on them so far and already I am beyond impressed. These shoes are most definetly a step in the right direction. They are extremely comfortable and they also look pretty awesome. I got the Black/Blue/lime green and they are awesome.

  • Matt

    Thanks for your question, Babak. The GT 2000 has the largest Gel pad of any GT series to date, and we’ve found that this indeed translates to a softer ride than the 2170. The pronation control feels about the same in both versions, with it being perhaps just a touch more noticeable in the 2170.

  • Frank M. Holderfield

    let me know when the GT 2000 arrives. I am going to get several pairs.

  • Alice

    Thanks for your question, Frank. The Asics GT 2000 is currently in stock and ready to ship. The Gore-Tex and Trail versions of this shoe are available for pre-order, and we expect to receive them at the end of this month. View all colorways here:

  • David Weeks

    Matt: Is the weight of only 10.7 oz. that is now indicated correct for the Mens size 9? That is considerably lighter than the 2170 and even the GT-1000 model. I guess the shoe’s few overlays (upper) helped some and the revised midsole? Sure looks like a huge winner..

  • Alice

    Thanks for your question, David. Yes, the weight of 10.7 ounces for Men’s size 9 is correct. We think that the more streamlined upper helped this model to shed some weight, and our testers have been very happy with its performance so far.

  • Jimmy

    It seems like the GT-21xx was a reasonably priced (~$90) shoe just a few years ago, and I could regulary find them on sale below that. Last year they were $110 and now $120?!? I’m not sure if Asics heard, but times are tough and supplier prices are going down, not up.

  • Kandace

    I am currently running in a 2170 and am interested in the new GT 1000. Will this be a comparable shoe?

  • Rue

    I just bought these shoes today to try. Looks like they’re out early. It’s October 14th, 2012@Bill

  • Matt

    Thanks for the question, Kandace. We’ve found that the new GT 2000 is most similar to the prior GT 2170. The GT 1000 performs a lot like the prior Gel 1170, with a bit less of a cushioned feel than the GT 2000.

  • Nancy

    The 2160 worked really well for me but the changes to the 2170 caused lateral heel pain and plantar fasciitis. I have really been struggling trying to find another shoe. Based upon the redesign, do you think the 2000 series will work for me? I walk about 20 miles per week.

  • Alice

    Thank you for your question, Nancy. If you are experiencing pain walking 20 miles a week, then we would recommend that you consult a medical professional. It would be best to figure out the cause of your pain, and then to get your doctor’s advice on selecting a shoe based on your needs.

  • Doug

    I loved the 2160 due to the stiffness and how it worked with my orthotic. I have a Morton’s Neuroma and use an orthotic with a metatarsal pad. Unfortunately, the 2170 were more flexible than the 2160 and agitated my Neuroma. The 2170 counteracted my orthotic’s function since it was not very stiff. Any word if the 2000 is stiffer than the 2170?

  • Matt

    Thanks for the question Doug. We’ve found the GT 2000 to be just a touch softer and more flexible than the 2170. You might want to give the GT 1000 a try – it’s the same level of pronation support but offers a bit firmer and less flexible ride than the 2000. See it here:

  • Erica

    Just purchases my first pair of Asics, the GT-2000, in NYC Marathon colors, no less. Went for my first run today and they felt great. No knee pain, thank goodness! Hey have all the cushion and support I could hope for and I am happy with my investment. Thanks Asics!

  • Faried

    Hi there. I’m looking for asics GT2170 4E. could you please redirect me to the shoes selection by giving link. I just could not find it. Is there any 4E wide for Gt2000. cheers

  • Matt

    We are sold out of almost every size of the 2170, which was discontinued in November 2012. The GT-2000 is available here in a 4E width:

  • Helen

    I have a pair of the GT 2170 in a 2A narrow fit, i really need a new pair but I know they have been replaced by the GT 2100. I read that the 2100 are more narrow around he front and wanted to check if this is true or not? Thanks

  • Matt

    We have found the GT-2000 to fit almost identically to the GT 2170. We have not heard of customers noticing a difference in the fit of the forefoot of the latest model compared to the 2170.

  • etho1416

    I can’t stand the new GT-2000 after years of wearing the GT-21…. series. They are so uncomfortable. This is a totally new design and nothing like the old show. My knees ache every time I put them on. Asics has lost me as a customer. They ruined a perfectly good shoe.

  • Matt

    Sorry to hear that. If you bought the shoes from us within the past 90 days, you can exchange them for a different pair under our 90 Day No Sweat returns policy. If you liked the previous 21XX series, the Brooks Ravenna might be worth a look.

  • tlb1069

    I do most of my running on a treadmill through the winter, half treadmill/half trail during the rest of the year, and alot of sidewalk walking during the week. I have an extremely old pair of Asics GT 21XXs that I love, but are worn and I need a new pair. Will this shoe meet all of those needs?

  • Matt

    It certainly will. Depending on the type of trail terrain you’ll be on, you may want to consider the GT-2000 Trail version, which offers a bit more aggressive traction but is still very smooth on the roads. See it here:

  • Ana

    Hi, what is the difference between GT-2000 Kids and Womens if the foot size number is the same? In the shop they told me there is no difference but i wanted to double check. Thanks!

  • Matt

    You would add 1.5 sizes to a Kids size to get the equivalent Womens size. Example: a Kids 4.0 is equivalent to a Womens 5.5. Hope that helps!

  • Tony

    Worn the GT line for the past 12 years, get 300-400 miles no problem before noticing significant wear. 1st pair of GT 2000, heel completely worn at 120 miles, 2nd pair, only 80 miles and worn down to the white. Have 2 pairs of GT 2160s with 380 miles and minimal wear on the heal. What happened??

  • Matt

    We haven’t heard this feedback from other customers of the GT 2000. It might be worth trying another model with similar performance characteristics. Asics claims that the GT 1000 feels and performs a lot like the old GT 2170. A couple other options are the Mizuno Wave Inspire 9 and Brooks Ravenna 4.

  • Fi

    I tried on a pair of 2000 at my local store and I have been advised to go up half a size despite years of being a 6 in my running shoes. Apparently the new style is a bit narrower at the toe?

  • Matt

    We find the GT 2000 to fit very similar to the old 2100 series. If anything, we’d say that the GT 2000 is very slightly more generous in the toebox than its predecessors. Go with what feels best when trying on the shoe, but we still recommend purchasing your standard running shoe size in the GT 2000.