Asics GT-2000 2 Sneak Peek

The GT-2000 has been a strong success since its launch over 9 months ago. It has carried forward the tradition of the GT 2100 series shoes and brought new runners into the fold thanks to a highly comfortable and stable ride.

For the GT-2000 2, Asics introduces subtle refinements to its winning formula, including a new upper design with repositioned overlays for an enhanced fit. The midsole is largely the same except for the addition of FluidRide dual-layer foam, first introduced on the Nimbus 15. The outsole receives minor design changes that will not affect the shoe’s functionality or performance.

What to Watch For

  • Lighter Weight: According to Asics, the Men’s and Women’s GT-2000 2 drop about half an ounce from the original, with the new Men’s shoe at 11.0 oz (size 9) and the new Women’s model at 8.8 oz (size 7).
  • New Platform: The updated midsole looks much like the original but has been redesigned with FluidRide technology. The top foam layer contains injected/blended rubber, positioned closest to the foot to maximize comfort. The bottom layer, without the rubber blend, is lighter and more responsive.
  • Many Variations: In addition to the color options available in the GT-2000 2, the shoe comes in several other varieties. These include the Asics GT-2000 2 G-TX (a waterproof version with added traction), the Asics GT-2000 2 Trail (with a rugged, trail-specific outsole) and the Asics GT-2000 2 BR (for Blue Ribbon – sales of this shoe support prostate cancer research).
  • Gender-Specific Cushioning: The Women’s GT-2000 2 positions its cushioning slightly differently than the Men’s shoe to account for gender differences in gait and foot anatomy.


Release Date
October 2013

Men’s Colors
Titanium/French Blue/Lightning Asics GT-2000 2
Black/Lightning/Red Pepper Asics GT-2000 2
Classic Green/White/Orange Clown Fish Asics GT-2000 2
Blue/Black/White Asics GT-2000 2 BR
Storm/Green Gecko/Lightning Asics GT-2000 2 G-TX
Storm/Red/Harvest Asics GT-2000 2 Trail

Women’s Colors
Black/Orchid/Flash Yellow Asics GT-2000 2
Bluefish/White/Electric Melon Asics GT-2000 2
Black/Lightning/Raspberry Asics GT-2000 2
Blue/White Asics GT-2000 2 BR
Titanium/Fuchsia Purple/Black Asics GT-2000 2 G-TX
Titanium/Purple/Emerald Asics GT-2000 2 Trail

Men's GT-2000 2 Classic Green/White/Orange Clown Fish

Women's GT-2000 2 Black/Lightning/Raspberry Asics GT-2000 2

GT-2000 2 G-TX Men's and Women's Running Shoes

  • Nick

    Did the ride of the GT-2000 2 get any softer with the addition of the FluidRide midsole?

  • David Weeks

    Your site lists the current Mens GT-2000 with a weight of 10.9 oz. so assuming that is current the new model would seeming be about the same. Sure, the final weight may vary, but several other sites (2) list the GT 2000 with a size 9 weight of about 11.4 oz.. Just curious.. Thanks

  • Matt

    We haven’t yet had a chance to try out the GT 2000 2, but given how FluidRide feels in the latest Nimbus 15, we suspect that it may feel slightly softer underfoot compared to the original GT 2000. Still, we don’t expect a radical change in feel or performance from the update.

  • Matt

    11.4 oz is the weight Asics lists for the current GT-2000. We’ve measured several pairs of that shoe and it is consistently around 11.0 oz currently. Whether that means that the new shoe will be even lighter or about the same as the current model is anyone’s guess. We’ll know for sure when we get it in stock in October.

  • David Weeks

    Don’t put much stock in the early weights given or exepected by Asics. Runner’s World does an excellent job of weighing so I think appoximately 11.3-11.4 is the consistent weight of the current model. Nice to hype a new model, but until the real specs can be determined it’s wishful thinking?

  • Lawrence C Wyatt.

    I like the look of the asics gt 2000 2. Do you know if new balance plans any changes for the mt 1210 leadville? Would making the 1210 waterproof make it less effective ? I’ve read that in some shoes waterproofing lessens the shoes ability to breath.

  • Taro

    @Lawrence C Wyatt.

    At this time we haven’t been informed of any updates or variations of the NB 1210. There is a Gore-Tex version of the NB 910 v1 in the works, which we’re expecting to have in stock late November. You’re right regarding the waterproofing though, generally shoes that feature the waterproof treatment will be much less breathable than their non-waterproof counterparts.

  • Nico

    Are there pictures of the Trail-Version and its outsole?

  • Matt

    You can see some pictures of the GT 2000 2 Trail on our site here: The outsole looks just like the one shown for the GTX version of the shoe, with slightly more traction than the road version.

  • Luis

    If they don’t make the GT-2000 2 fully black, than it’s time for me to switch shoes for my next purchases. I was going to get the GT-2000 shoes, but they didn’t come entirely black, so I skipped these.

  • Matt

    The GT 2000 doesn’t come in an all-black version, but the GT 1000 and GT 1000 2 are available fully black. The GT 1000 is very similar to the GT 2000 and many runners think they feel a lot like the old GT 2170’s. Check them out here:

  • jessnekk


    In my opinion, yes. The 2000 2 actually feels substantially softer than the 2000, which was very surprising to me, given that they chopped off so much weight.

  • Mike Podracky

    The Asics rep in northwest Ohio actually told me that the sales of the GT 2000 were way down from the 2170. Many runners (me included)got injured with the GT 2000 due to poorer support compared to the 2170. I had run for 12 or so years injury free in the 2100 series, and developed a bad case of runner’s knee after just 150 miles in the new GT 2000. Had to drop out of training for a marathon. As a tacit admission of the huge disappointment many runnrs had after Asics drastically changed it’s most popular shoe, I just received a “try it for 30 days free” offer from Asics for the GT 2000 2. No thanks. I now run in the Brooks Adrenaline

  • Matt

    Sorry to hear about the bad experience you had in the GT 2000. The Adrenaline is a great choice if you want a very supportive shoe, and we hope you have another 12 injury free years ahead of you. We can’t see Brooks messing too much with the formula of their highly popular Adrenaline anytime soon.

  • Mike Podracky

    Thanks, Matt for your response and kind words.

  • Darrel Wells

    @Mike Podracky
    Mike – I had a similar.experience switching from the GT2170 to the GT2000. I started way back in the 20xx series, and only ran in Asics for about 15 yrsl without problems. After about 100 mi in the 2000, my feet hurt so much I couldn’t run any more. I tried th Saucony Guide 5, with mixed results. I finally found one more pair of 2170s, but they’re getting a lot of miles on them. I’m considering the Brooks Adrenalines next. I doubt i’ll take another chance on the 2000s.

  • Mike Podracky

    @Darrel Wells
    Darrel Wells, I have about 200 miles on my first pair of Brooks Adrenalines GTS 13. My knee is solid again, and the shoe provides great support. Hope they work for you. It’s mind boggling that Asics would alter such a successful line like the 2100 series. A terrible blunder by Asics. My daughter – I guess it’s genetics – developed runner’s knee with the GT 2000 shoe also. Asics wouldn’t be offering that “try if for free deal,” if they didn’t need to woo back alienated runners. Asics own website has critical reviews of the GT 2000, but at least they were classy and let the comments stand to be read.

  • Lynda Johnson

    What did Asics do to my shoe? Tried them on this afternoon and I swear that I could feel the “shank” running down the centre of the shoe. More disconcerting, was the front of the shoe is curved up and not flat. This is why I won’t buy Mizunos. So disappointed! Saucony here I come.

  • Rich

    So it looks like Brooks has gone and changed the Adrenaline GTS 13 shoe with their new 14. Honestly, I had the same experience, bad plantar and knee problems switching from the 2160 to 2170. The 2000s made it worse and I moved to Brooks, several weeks later back to normal. So what now? @Matt

  • Matt

    We’d still encourage you to give the Adrenaline GTS 14 a try. Yes, it’s a whole new design, but the technologies are the same as in the Adrenaline 13 and the design intent of the shoe is exactly the same. We’ve tried them on side by side and cannot feel a difference between the models. This is in contrast to the GT-2000 update, which introduced a new pronation control technology (Dynamic DuoMax).