Asics GT-1000 Sneak Peek

Asics GT-1000 Men

As we wrote a few weeks ago, the popular GT-2100 series is getting a revamp this fall and relaunching as the Asics GT-2000. If you follow the Asics lineup closely, you’ll know that the company currently also produces an 1100 series. So what’s happening with that?

The 1100 series is also set for a retake, launching as the GT-1000 this October. The GT-1000 will continue to be a cushioned support shoe with many of the characteristics of the 1100 series. We’re fans of the current 1170 and think that the new GT-1000 will deliver a very similar ride and strong value.

Launch Date

October 2012



What to Watch For

  • Completely New Design: Though it retains many traditional Asics design cues, the GT-1000 sports a new platform and upper.
  • Guidance Line: A full-length guidance line helps to keep the transition smooth from foot plant to toe-off. This is a feature being added to most of Asics’ new models, and from what we’ve seen so far, it works as advertised.
  • Pink Ribbon Edition: Asics has partnered with Christina Applegate’s Right Action for Women foundation, which provides assistance to women who are at an increased risk for breast cancer. The Pink Ribbon edition of the GT 1000 highlights the partnership, with $2 of every sale in October going to the foundation (up to $100,000).

Asics GT-1000 PR Men

Men’s Colors

Women’s Colors

  • Nick

    What is the published weight?

  • Matt

    Thanks for the question. We’re looking at 10.4 oz for Men’s and 8.7 oz for Women’s. Both published weights are down from our actual measurements of the Gel 1170.

  • Sam

    I have a question about the Gel-1170. Couldn’t find where else to ask it. I have been an Asics wearer for a while and I can’t recall seeing this before: The bottoms seem to lack a bit of the grooved traction usually found on these shoes. Is this a change for all asics, this model or could it be faulty manufacturing? Thanks!

  • Alice

    There has not been an update to the traction on the Asics Gel 1170. The outsole of this shoe can be viewed on the Running Warehouse site here: If you feel that the bottom of your shoe does not match the image on our site, there may be a manufacturing defect. If this is the case, please give us a call at 1-800-606-9598 so that we can assist you.

  • Sam

    Thank you Alice, I did not purchase that pair because it didn’t seem up to quality to me. Will there be an upgrade in traction for the new version? They seem to wear out so quickly.

  • Alice

    Thanks for your question, Sam. Asics has discontinued the 1170 and replaced it with the GT-1000, which launches this October. We are expecting the GT-1000 to offer a very similar ride to the 1170. You can check out the sneak peek for this shoe on our blog, here: for more details.

  • Sam

    You mentioned the heel toe offset for the Gt-2000 series (10mm.) Any idea what the offset will be for the new GT-1000 series?

  • Alice

    Thanks for your question, Sam. We do not yet know what the heel-to-toe offset will be for the Asics GT-1000. When we receive this shoe in October we will be able to measure it and provide additional information.

  • Kevin A.

    I’m really looking into the GT-1000 or GT-2000, but just curious to know why the GT-2000 is an ounce heavier than the 1000? After reading the technologies put in both shoes, I’m having a hard time figuring out the difference that would make up for that much weight. The reason why I’m asking is because I’d assume that a slightly heavier shoe like the 2000 would give more cushion and stability.

  • Alice

    Thank you for your question, Kevin. The Asics GT-2000 is likely heavier than the GT-1000 because it has the largest Gel pad of any GT series shoe, which will result in greater cushioning.

  • David Weeks

    The weight of men’s came in heavier at 11.2 oz. plus it seems they have reduced the size of the forefoot Gel unit? This will make the ride up front a bit more firm than the 1160-1170 shoes. Hard to imagine that will work for me as I’m just getting used to a softer feel to toe off so I’ll, no doubt, upgrade to the Gt-2000 model? Thoughts???

  • Alice

    We found that the GT-1000 had a very similar feel to the current 1170. Although it is slightly firmer, we felt that it still had adequate cushioning, and that the firmness simply made the shoe more responsive.

  • David Weeks

    I just now ordered the GT-1000 and we’ll see about the forefoot cushioning concern? Is the forefoot Gel unit again smaller as I think it was smaller in 1170 from the one in the 1160 model? Respsonse or flexibility may be very similar, but it’s a balancing act between adequate cushioning vs. respoonsiveness. Example is I personally think the forefoot in the Mizuno Rider 15 is stiff and way too firm, but some believe that’s what they prefer?

  • Matt

    Thanks for the question, David. We have not received technical specs from Asics regarding the size of the forefoot Gel unit. The GT 1000 and Gel 2170 feel very comparable to us, but definitely try it out for yourself and let us know your feedback.

  • David Weeks

    I can most definitely tell the Gel is now very small in the forefoot of the GT-1000 as it is hardly noticeable now! I was Not pleased with cheaper type of insert, since it seems to make this shoe feel kind of flat in forefoot? I’ve replaced it and it’s much improved plus I ran a good 5K race in these without any break in whatsoever and I am pleased overall. I’ll bet (assumption only) the Gel unit in the new GT-2000 is somewhat larger. Doubt I’ll try the New 2000 model to know for certain!

  • jeremy

    I just got some gt 1000 and love them i had asics previously and will always go back to them they are great