Asics GEL Super J33 Sneak Peek

Here’s a shoe we’re Super Jazzed about: the GEL Super J33. The initial shoe in a full reboot of the 33 Collection, the Super J33 is a lightweight, natural-run design that still provides pronation support. At just 7.3 oz for a Men’s 9 and 6.2 oz for a Women’s 7, the shoe will compare favorably to other supportive elemental models such as the Brooks PureCadence 2 and the Saucony Mirage 3.

The GEL Super J33 also integrates Asics’ revolutionary FluidAxis technology, currently found in the GEL Lyte33 2 and GEL Excel33 2. Both of those shoes offer a tremendously smooth laydown and excellent transition, and to the extent this is due to the FluidAxis technology, we welcome the design on more 33 Collection shoes moving forward.

What to Watch For

  • Light, Natural Experience: The Super J33 opens up a new category for the 33 Collection. It will be the lightest shoe in the line and provides a more elemental supportive option than the Excel33 2.
  • Low Drop: Asics sticks with a 6mm offset like it uses in the GEL Lyte33. We expect stack heights of approximately 20mm heel/14mm toe.
  • Pronation Support: With a dual-density midsole and FluidAxis aligned to the geometry of the overpronator’s foot, this shoe is designed for mild to moderate pronators who want a more natural feel underfoot.
  • Solyte Midsole: Asics’ lightweight midsole compound shaves weight while continuing to provide responsive cushioning.


Release Date
October 2013

Men’s Colors
Yellow/Black/Orange Asics GEL Super J33
Blue/Black/Lightning Asics GEL Super J33

Women’s Colors
White/Yellow/Pink Asics GEL Super J33
Blue/White Asics GEL Super J33

Asics GEL Super J33 Men's Colors

Asics GEL Super J33 Women's Colors

Asics GEL Super J33 Outsole View

  • Timothy Agee

    Nice to see Asics finally joining the minimalist movement. However, the design looks like a copy of the Kinvara 3.

  • runner chick

    So, if we like running in the DS Trainer, would this provide a similar level of support? Love the pink!

  • Jordan Olive

    Has that Nike free look and feel but the nice thing I like about asics is the wider toe box then Nike shoes, which I love Nike but the toe boxes are too closed in so am going with asics from now on sorry Nike.

  • Matt

    Yes. Asics lists the shoe as providing support for mild to moderate overpronators.

  • Justin T.

    @runner chick
    Runner Chick – It would not offer that support, but it does provide a nice counterbalance to the DS Trainer. I put long runs on my DS Trainers and run in the Gel Lyte 33, which this is replacing and similar to, on easier and faster days. Switching between the two, I’m very happy.

  • Matt

    Hi Justin, this shoe is not replacing the Gel Lyte33. There will be an updated Gel Lyte33 3 on the way for Spring 2014. The Super J33 can be thought of as a support version of the Lyte33 (which is built for neutral runners and supinators).

  • Nick

    Will this shoe replace the DS Racer series or can we expect to see a DS Racer 10 this winter?

  • Matt

    Great question. A completely updated DS Racer 10 launches in January 2014. That shoe is obviously a racing flat while the Super J33 is positioned as more of a “natural” running shoe.

  • Steven

    Interesting shoe – I look forward to your review. In particular the support level. IMO there is an unfilled market niche for a low-slung, light shoe offering support for moderate over-pronators.

  • Rubens

    I don’t know why, but looks like Kinvara 3.

  • Yackys

    Will this shoe replace the DS Trainer series or can we expect to see a DS Trainer 18 this winter?

  • Matt

    Thanks for the question. The Super J33 will not replace the DS Trainer. Version 18 of the DS Trainer is available now, and the DS Trainer 19 will launch in January 2014.

  • Sam

    Completely agree that we need more alternatives for low heel shoes with some support. Ordered these as soon as I saw the Facebook post that they were available.

  • PA Runner

    +1 Some of the other commenters. It’s hard to find a minimal or racing/performance shoe with some of the support that we mild overpronators need. I love the Mirage 3 for a trainer, but have been looking for something similar that has less weight for track workouts and shorter races. These look to fit the bill.

  • Nico

    Is the Super J33 as supportive as the Brooks PureCadence?

  • RunningWarehouse

    We would say that the PureCadence is slightly more supportive than the Super J33. The Super J relies mostly on its geometry and flex pattern for support, whereas the PureCadence actually features a dual density midsole.