Asics Gel NoosaFAST Sneak Peek

Asics Gel NoosaFAST Men's Running Shoe

What do you call a shoe that’s a little bit Aussie, a little bit Rasta, and a whole lot speedy? Asics calls it the Gel NoosaFAST. This shoe replaces the Gel Hyper Speed 5, a pretty spectacular racing flat that will be missed. (On a side note, check out our sale on the Hyper Speed 5 if you’re looking to stock up before they’re all gone.)

Asics Gel NoosaFAST Outsole View (Note Drainage in Forefoot)

So what’s the deal with this flashy new model? The NoosaFAST is an entirely new design that drops nearly a half ounce from the Hyper Speed 5 (according to published weights from Asics), and is built with a low 6mm offset. Plus, there’s a Women’s model on tap for all you speedy ladies out there.

What to Watch For

  • Light Weight: According to Asics, the Men’s NoosaFAST checks in at 6.6 oz (size 9), with the Women’s model at 5.3 oz (size 8).
  • Ready to Race: Take these on your next 5K, 10K or beyond, or pop in the included elastic laces and ace your next triathlon outing.
  • Tri-Specific Features: Other triathlon-ready features include grips on the heel and tongue, no-sew construction, and drainage holes in the front of the shoe.


Launch Date
January 2013

Men’s Color
Flame/Black/Yellow NoosaFAST

Women’s Colors
Hot Pink/Black/Electric Blue NoosaFAST
Pink/Orange/Yellow Blue NoosaFAST

Asics Gel NoosaFAST Women's Running Shoe (Note Elastic Laces)

  • rockidr4

    These look great! I can’t wait to try them. My favorite part of these is they don’t have those glued on little nubs that so many racing flats have. They also don’t have those bumps on the bottom that the hyper had. Those wore off really fast and seemed rather pointless.

  • Mick

    Looks good.. Any news on a DS Racer update?

  • Matt

    Thanks for the question, Mick. We will not see an updated DS Racer, at least through Spring 2013. It was released in February 2012 and the last version spent 2 years on the market before an update.

  • http://runningwharehouse John

    Have enjoyed many pairs of hyperspeeds, my only complaint has always been that the tread was not durable enough and wore off very fast. Will these use a more durable tread material?

  • Matt

    Both the Hyper Speed and the NoosaFast use Asics High Abrasion Rubber (AHAR) in the heel, but the NoosaFast is switching over to DuraSponge up front, rather than the Wet Grip outsole on the Hyper Speed. We’d expect to see slightly increased durability from the DuraSponge outsole material – it’s what Asics uses on their high mileage daily trainers like the Nimbus and Kayano.

  • Jake

    They look sick. Right now im moving down with my trainer weight. I know that in japan everybody wears racing flats to train. If i woked my feet into these the right way could i eventually use these as an every day trainer doing 70-80 mile weeks?

  • Alice

    Thanks for your question, Jake. We would not recommend using the NoosaFAST as a daily trainer because logging that many miles in the shoe would cause excessive wear and tear on the shoe very quickly. It’s a better choice for speed work and race day.

  • Freddie Bingham

    I use the Hyper Speed as my everyday shoe on road surface and get 500 miles out of a pair. There is no reason you can’t use these everyday.

  • fred

    I am confused as to why I just saw a Hyper Speed 6 listed on eBay. What is the story?

    Hyper Speed 6:

  • Matt

    Thanks for the heads up, Fred. We’ve contacted Asics America on this one. We believe this is a pre-production test or sample model, and we’re almost certain it should not be for sale to the general public. If we get any updated information about a re-launch of the Hyper Speed in the American market, we will definitely post it here on our blog.

  • fred

    Thanks. I see it appears to have the same sole as the NoosaFast which is interesting.

  • fred

    Well, not the “exact” sole but very similar.

  • Matt

    Hi again Fred, we heard back from Asics. This is an old prototype sample from last year, most likely purchased at an internal sample sale at their Irvine, California headquarters last month. The shoe is not meant for resale and this is not at all what the next Hyper Speed will be. They are currently working on new prototype samples of the Hyper Speed 6 but no decision has been made about its return to the U.S. market.

  • fred

    I would be happy with any market. I bought the Green Hyper Speed 5 from the UK because I could not take the orange and black #5 version. Thanks for the research.

  • Mike

    Will the gel noosaFast be available in South Africa ? If they are ,when ??

  • Matt

    We aren’t sure about global distribution of the NoosaFast. We’d encourage you to contact a local distributor for more information. Asics indicates on their website ( that you should contact FELTEX HOLDINGS (PTY) LTD., trading under the name ‘Jordan Footwear’.

  • Chris

    Has anyone had any issues with that extended heel (either on the Noosafast or other similar models) rubbing or pressing against their achilles while running? Its the only thing holding me back from buying a pair.

  • Matt

    Good question, Chris. The heel is a bit higher than most running shoes and lacks the Achilles notch. It is noticeable when you’re wearing the shoe but we haven’t found it to cause uncomfortable rubbing or blistering when running. We also have not heard any customer complaints about this aspect of the shoe.