Asics Gel Noosa Tri 8 Sneak Peek

Asics Gel Noosa Tri 8 Men's Running Shoe

A full redesign of the Noosa Tri is on tap for December, but don’t expect big changes from the core “party on your foot” design spec. The Noosa’s psychedelic confetti look remains intact, and the shoe drops some weight for improved responsiveness. Plus, if you were sorely missing the kangaroos from the Tri 6, they make a pretty snazzy comeback in this update (take a close look at the triangle by the midfoot).

What to Watch For

Asics Gel Noosa Tri 8 Women's Running Shoe

  • Reduced Weight: Asics lists weights of 9.7 oz (Men’s size 9) and 8.1 oz (Women’s size 8), down from their published weights of 10.6 oz and 8.5 oz in the current model.
  • New Support System: Dynamic DuoMax, being added to many of Asics’ most popular models, makes its first appearance on the Noosa Tri for a smoother, yet still supportive ride.
  • Reduced Overlays: Fewer stitched-on elements in the upper reduces weight, and the open mesh in the forefoot continues to offer plenty of water drainage.

Launch Date
December 2012


Men’s Colors
Black/Confetti Noosa 8
Yellow/Orange/Multi Noosa 8
Blue/Yellow/Punch Noosa 8
Storm/Lightning/Black Noosa 8

Women’s Colors
Black/Confetti Noosa 8
Yellow/Pink/Multi Noosa 8
Violet/Purple/Multi Noosa 8
Storm/Lightning/Mint Noosa 8

Women's Gel Noosa Tri 8 Yellow/Pink/Multi

  • Toni

    I’ve just purchased the women’s Noosa 8 and they are running about half a size smaller than the Noosa 7. Something to watch out for.

  • Philipp

    What is the exact release date? :)

  • Matt

    We’re expecting the shoe to be in stock by December 16. Exact release dates vary. Recent releases from Asics have been arriving a few weeks early.

  • Mel

    im wkndering when the shoe will come out with the different colors? I cant seem to buy it right now? When does the yellow/ pink multi noosa 8 come out

  • Matt

    The Yellow/Pink/Multicolor Noosa Tri 8 is scheduled to arrive in stock in mid April 2013. Two additional colorways, Storm/Light/Mint and Violet/Purple/Multicolor, are scheduled to arrive in June 2013.

  • Mel

    could you post a picture of those colors?

  • Matt

    We added a picture of the Yellow/Pink color to the blog above. We don’t yet have images of the two other colorways arriving in June.

  • Mel

    okay thank you very much

  • Aleshia

    Do you anticipate the Yellow/Pink/Multi. arriving ahead of schedule… Perhaps sometime in March? I have noticed that they are already available in several other countries. I’m really excited to get them!

  • Matt

    We are still expecting these shoes in stock around mid-April, but thanks for checking in. As soon as we get them they’ll be on the site!