Asics Gel Nimbus 15 Sneak Peek

Asics Gel Nimbus 15 Women's Running Shoe, Wine/White/Flash Yellow

Nimbus: The king of the clouds in the Asics shoe stratosphere. OK, no more creative writing classes for us. But seriously, if you want a supremely cushioned neutral trainer, it’s hard to top the Asics Gel Nimbus series. On the heels of the very popular Asics Gel Nimbus 14, the 15th version of the shoe will add in more of the cushioning technology Asics is known for and introduce a fresh design from heel to toe.

What to Watch For

  • FluidRide Platform: Debuting on the Nimbus 15, a new two-piece midsole design blends cushioning and responsiveness. The top foam layer contains injected/blended rubber, positioned closest to the foot to maximize comfort. The bottom layer, without the rubber blend, is lighter and more responsive. (Note: the sample shoes pictured are branded with Solyte, but this new platform will not contain Solyte in production.)
  • More Gel: For maximum impact protection, Asics increases the size of the front and rear Gel pads compared to the 14.
  • FluidFit Upper: Another debut on the Nimbus 15, the upper features multi-directional mesh on the medial and lateral sides of the shoe, along with stretchable welded reinforcements. It’s designed to provide the ultimate biomorphic fit, and we’re eager to give it a try.
  • Weight Bump: Asics lists weights of 11.5 oz (Men’s size 9) and 9.4 oz (Women’s size 7). That’s a slight uptick from the current model and should not be perceptible when running.


Launch Date
April 2013

Men’s Colors
Black/White/Multi Asics Gel Nimbus 15
Lightning/Blue Steel/Lime Asics Gel Nimbus 15
Storm/Black/Flash Orange Asics Gel Nimbus 15

Women’s Colors
Wine/White/Flash Yellow Asics Gel Nimbus 15
Lightning/Hot Punch/Marigold Asics Gel Nimbus 15
Titanium/Hot Pink/Mint Asics Gel Nimbus 15

Asics Gel Nimbus 15 Men's Running Shoe, Black/White/Multi

Asics Gel Nimbus 15 Women's Running Shoe, Lightning/Hot Punch/Marigold

Asics Gel Nimbus 15 Men's Running Shoe, Lightning/Blue Steel/Lime

  • Nate

    The weight numbers are a little disappointing but the nimbus is all about fit and protection (at least I think so), so if they get those two right, I’m in. The 14 was odd-fitting to me.

  • Lisa

    I am really hoping these are more like the Asics Gel Nimbus 13’s not the 14’s. The 14’s were very flimsy and didn’t hold up long at all. Looking forward to trying these out!

  • T-Bones

    My first Asics Gel Nimbus shoes were the 10s. I have enjoyed every iteration of these shoes and am looking forward to the 15s.

  • Ellen

    Hey all: Any idea if the 15 is more like the 13 and before as opposed to the 14? I’ve run in Nimbus FOREVER and love them but HATED the 14, which seemed very different from earlier models. Any info. would be super helpful. Thanks!

  • Matt

    Thanks for the feedback…we’ve heard from several longtime Nimbus fans who didn’t feel quite right in the 14. We haven’t had a chance to try out the 15’s but Asics is aware of the feedback on the current model so we’re hopeful that the new design will be a better match for more Nimbus runners.


    Tienen una pinta muy bonita espero que este nimbus 15 no me decepcione como lo hicieron las 14 ,he corrido con nimbus desde la generacion 7 y fue fatal las 14 termine regalandolas con no mas de 400 km de recorrido y volvi a las 13 deseo que las 15 sean fenomenales .

  • Stacy

    I felt the same about the 14s compared to the 13s. After having 14s, I hunted down 13s when I needed new ones. When wearing 14’s, my bunion and ankles bothered me so much more than when wearing the 13’s. also something was off in the fit of the 14’s. I need lots of cushioning in a good neutral shoe, and usually only Asics does it for me. I sure hope the 15’s are an improvement.

  • SpinnakerTech

    I can’t tell from the photos whether the new 15’s (women’s) have the asynchronus/offset laces. That was one of the most fabulous features of the 13’s that made them fit so well. The 14’s had lacing straight down the shoe. I skipped right over the 14’s and have waited for the 15’s. Does anyone know???

  • Matt

    The Gel Nimbus 15 will not have asymmetrical/offset lacing. Many manufacturers have offered this feature at various times on select shoes, but overall it has not connected with the majority of customers. We’ve heard several customers comment on the fit of the Nimbus 14 and many like you are hoping for an improved fit when the Nimbus 15 arrives next month.

  • carson keys

    I have been extremely happy with the fit of the Nimbus 14’s. Much more cushion yet with a perfect amount of stability. Much improved over the 13’s. Looking forward to the 15’s being very much the same!

  • Matt

    Nimbus 14 has far less cushion than the 13’s. Loved my 13’s, hated the 14’s and opted for another brand. Hoping the 15’s are better than the 13’s because the 14’s were awful.

  • James Sugden

    I agree I have owned many versions of the Gel nimbus and the 14 was very much a disappointment for me. Therefore I did what some others did and that was to seek out and purchase as many of the 13’s as I could find. Eventually when sources
    Dried up I did have to purchase the 14 and considered it very inferior to the two previous versions, the 13 and 12. Just received the new 15 and I am hopeful as the look more costly resembles the 13. I hope I am correct and that Asics has listened to the discontent of 14 purchasers.

    Boston, Ma


  • Marc Jacobs

    Are these shoes made for a clown? I’ve been wearing Gel Nimbus for years and they keep getting uglier. Seriously.

  • dolly

    please let me know when you have the Asics Gel Nimbus 15 for sale. thanks.

  • Matt

    The Nimbus 15 is available now. Here’s a link to the Women’s model:

  • Alex

    @James Sugden
    Hello James, what’s your feedback on the 15 compared to the 13? is it better that the 14 that everyone seems to hate? (I personally have to change my 11 that I loved)

  • koos

    I had the 12’s and now the 14 and absolutely love it! Best shoe ever. Never had the 13 so I’m not sure what the complaining is about. All I know is the 14 is light and cushy for real long distance running.

  • koos

    I would appreciate it if you could advise me on how many km’s the Nimbus should last. I’m 70kg and only run on tar doing long distance running. I’ve already done 420km in only 10 weeks and someone once told me that running shoes only last a 1000km.

  • Matt

    In general, running shoes last between 600-800 km. Many factors go into the lifespan of a shoe but the first component to break down is often the midsole foam. It can be hard to determine if the foam is worn out, and the shoe may look fine but no longer provide an adequate amount of cushioning. Most runners choose to replace their shoes when they no longer feel they are getting adequate performance from them, which may or may not be by the time the shoe looks fully “worn.”

  • James

    Always been running in Nimbus forever, but no.14 don’t fit and I just hated it. Anyone try no.15

  • kathleen

    any idea how these compare to the 10’s and 12’s? I loved the 10’s, but hated the 12’s. haven’t tried the 13’s or 14’s.

  • Matt

    In our experience the Nimbus series has stayed pretty consistent in terms of fit, feel, and performance over the past several years. The Nimbus 15 is maybe just a touch softer than its predecessors thanks to increased Gel in the platform. What did you not like about the 12’s?

  • kathleen

    in the 12’s i felt that while narrow through the center/arch area, the toe box was pretty loose overall when compared to the 10’s which seemed to have a more slender fit overall.@Matt

  • Matt

    Well if you like a narrower fit, you’re not likely to be a fan of the Nimbus 15. Asics has added a bit of upper volume to this shoe, particularly in the forefoot width. You could try a narrow (2A) size in the Nimbus 15 (width color here: Or, a shoe that performs similarly to the Nimbus but with a more slender fit is the Mizuno Wave Enigma 2:

  • d johnston

    Thanks for the honesty Matt! It is most appreciated and saves a lot of frustration for shoppers. It must be very hard indeed to be able to make all of our different shaped feet happy. I was very pleased to hear that Nimbus 15 has more volume in the forefoot width. I have very narrow heels but a mild bunion to contend with and that extra room makes all the difference. Thanks again.