Asics Gel Nimbus 14 Sneak Peek

Asics Gel Nimbus 14 Women's Running Shoe

The Big Papa of Pillow for the neutral runner goes on a bit of a diet but still maintains a plush ride.

Launch Date

April 2012



What to Watch For

  • Lower Weight: The Men’s and Women’s Nimbus 14 is estimated to weigh about a half oz less than the prior models.
  • Better Breathability: Asics designed the mesh upper for better breathability to keep your feet cooler and drier.
  • Flatter Platform: An increase of 1mm in the forefoot and decrease of 1mm in the heel flattens out the Nimbus just a bit but is not likely to result in a noticeable difference.

Men’s Colors

Women’s Colors

  • NWseaRun

    I really like the ride of the Asics Nimbus 13’s, so the 14’s should work very well. I am glad to see that they did not make any big changes. The lower weight is always a good thing. I’ve worn the Nimbus in some 10/12k races and some Tri’s without socks; therefore, the updated mesh for breathability will be a plus.

  • Nate

    Like NW, I’m looking forward to this shoe, but I’d disagree on the idea that it isn’t taking on any big changes. The offset lacing is gone after several years, the profile is changed, and it dropped weight via some new materials. I’d say that’s quite a list of changes!

    Let’s hope it’s all for the better!

  • Matt

    Thanks for noting that the asymmetrical lacing is being removed. Asics is scaling back on that design across their line – it just never seemed to catch on as a feature that widely appealed to customers.

  • nick

    No one is talking about the major changes to the 13 that were never really mentioned either but played a big role in overall satisfaction-or lack thereof…so how do we know if those are still a problem? For instance the 13 was significantly narrower overall than the previous versions and caused a lot of heartache for dedicated Nimbus runners like myself…I’ve been hording 12s hoping that the 14 might revert.

  • Matt

    Our measurements and those of Shoefitr found version 13 of the Nimbus to fit almost identically to version 12. We’ve had some customers comment that the toebox shape of the 13 isn’t quite right for them, but haven’t heard before about a narrower fit overall. What other changes to the 13 were a step backwards in your eyes?

  • Danielle

    Yes, I agree!! — The 13’s were so much narrower all around for me as well! – I am holding on to my 11s and 12s too……I cannot wait to try on the 14s – I hope they do not fit like the 13s!!!

  • Mark

    I’ll also second those that have gathered as many 12’s as possible.
    The 13’s felt terrible.

  • Mark

    To address your question, I found the 13’s to not have the same soft ride as the 12’s.
    Very noticeable when I first tried on my first pair.
    I also found the fit of the 13’s to be an issue…..I had to lace one different than the other because they did not have the same snug feeling as all of the 12’s I wore.
    I to am looking forward to the 14’s as there are only so many 12’s out there to buy.

  • Matt

    Thanks for the feedback, Mark. We’ll compare the 13s and 14s when the 14s arrive in stock and note the changes we find. Hope it is a better fit for those of you who had a tough time with the 13.

  • Danielle

    Try eBay….. I’ve been lucky with finding my 12s there…. I’m due for a new pair not sure of I should purchase or hold out for the 14s….rather hold out for the 14s…. I orinigally heard April but now it’s June ?? Anyone heard otherwise? Thanks!

  • Matt

    Thanks for the comment, Danielle. We’ll have one color in Men’s and Women’s in April, with additional colors arriving in June.

  • Cindy

    I agree with the 12/13 fit differential. I wear orthotics and they absolutely did not fit in the 13’s. Like others, I’ve been hoarding 12’s, but I’d like to try something different. If these have the same forefoot room as the 12’s, I’m going to try them. I’m also excited about the 10mm differential as opposed to the standard 12mm. And anything that will make this shoe cooler is fine with me since I live in the South.

  • Jonathan

    Have custom fitted Nimbus since the 6 and the Nimbus 13 was SIGNIFICANTLY narrower in the arch area. This review is missing quite a few pieces of information that an expert on these shoes will notice immediately. A) Trusstic has been redesigned completely and is now an opaque grey that runs on the outsides of the shoe only while allowing the new, more centric, more effective, guidance line more room to operate. The change from clear to opaque is a material change due to rising costs of clear plastic. B)The noticeability in ride height is huge and it is neglected to mention that the women’s heel is actually 3mm higher than the men’s relatively due to gender specificity and achilles tendon issues. C)The small lines you see in the SoLyte in the outsole are functional as Asics is incorporating some of it’s technological advances in “accordion” style foam from the minimalist shoes.

    IMO – The Gel-Nimbus 13 was a FAIL for anyone other than a true Supinator (running stores sell them as neutral which is a half truth)(Asics only lets you know this when a regular pronator or ‘neutral’ runner brings them back)

    The Nimbus 14 is much better than the 12 and should have been the replacement for the 12. Everyone who works with or for Asics knows that their product last year was a far cry from what we’ve seen in the past (The 2160 got overtaken by Brooks Adrenaline- barf), but the 2170, Nimbus 14, Neo, Lyte, and (NEW 2000,1000,3000 how many of you have held these?) especially will be awesome

  • Mike

    I hated the 13’s….I was training for my 2nd 1/2 and now I have bad achilles issues since I switched from the 12’s to the 13……shoe is not as great of a fit as the 12’s either..I am actually thinking of switching from Asics to another brand and I have been using the Gel Nimbus since the 9’s (replace my shoes every 3 months).

  • John

    So the other day I got to put a brand new 13 on one foot and a brand new 14 on the other foot, and go for a quick run to compare them side-by-side. I was completely, completely, completely disappointed. The brand new 14 felt like it already had 200+ miles on it… WTF!?! Where the heck did the cushioning go on the 14s? For a price increase of $10 I would have hoped for at least either a little better ride/cushioning, or something that was at least close to the same, but this thing… what is it? I definitely did not like the Nimbus 10, but this update is even worse… I’m really, really disappointed by this update.

  • Pam

    Why is Asics only releasing one color in April? I have been wearing the nimbus line for the past 2 years training for half and full marathons and I am sick of the boring grey color. This is a common complaint with women in my running club and to be honest I have tried many other brands because of this. If you want consumers to pay 140.00 for a product you need to understand that visual appeal is just as important as functionality. Stop making grey shoes!!!!!!!

  • Matt

    Thanks for the question, Pam. A lot of variables go into color decisions by manufacturers, but the short answer is that the Nimbus series is positioned as a mainstream model that generally appeals to a more conservative demographic. That said, Asics is still bringing out some bold colors this season – the Black/Green/Pink shown above and a Neon Pink that is pretty much the complete opposite of boring grey.

  • Lee

    Glad to see the best running shoes finally out in some funky colors. Getting a little tired of black or white

  • Jawsat

    I love my 13’s and looking forward to my 14’s.

  • mcohen9

    So I have been running with the Nimbus shoe for several years! I love them!! I just recently picked up the Nimbus 14 and have developed Shin Splints (never had them before). Could the small changes in the shoe be causing this?
    Please Help!!!

  • Matt

    There are very minimal changes to the design of the latest Nimbus compared to the Nimbus 13. We doubt these minor changes are causing shin splints. Have you bumped up your mileage or speed recently? Any other changes to your routine or your overall health? All of those things are more likely to contribute to shin splints. If you rest up and the shin splints come back, definitely head to the doctor for a medical diagnosis.

  • Khang


    Agree. I am wearing 2E width, and I am sick of the same gray/royal color combination. I was so glad with the 13 2E color. I am thinking of trying the regular width for my next pair.

  • Tumi

    Being running with my Nimbus 12 and 13 for quite some time cannot wait to try out the when will it be available in South Africa?i must say i am an Addict to Nimbus range,don’t even have guts to try other brands.Hope the colours will not disappoint.

  • karen

    I just tried the 14’s. I liked them tell my feet started to hurt. After 5 days. I have to go back to the 13’s. My feet have never hurt and swelled up like this before.So they messed something up.

  • karen

    I agree they are not as good.

  • karen

    I so am with you. I hate the 14’s. I just went and bought two pairs of the 13’s.

  • Kathy

    I’ve been waiting for this color to come out. I’ve bought the gel nimbus for the last 6 years. The 14 is the lightest yet and really comfy to wear. I mostly use my newest pair for working out on the elliptical and it keeps my feet from going to sleep with the pressure. I use my older pairs for outdoor work, concrete making, climbing ladders, painting, etc. They hold up really well, despite the abuse. I like the darker color, cause that light mesh doesn’t clean well.

  • David

    When are the nimbus 14 special editions being released?

  • Matt

    Thanks for the question. The Yellow/White/Blue Limited Edition releases in December 2012.

  • Shel

    I was a tried and true Nimbus 12 girl. Had 4 pairs- tried the 13s and they killed me. I took them back & ended up with Nike Vomero6. Epic FAIL– I can’t find 12s in my size, what are the side by side specs of the 12s vs the 14s? I want my old Asics back!

  • Alice

    Thanks for your question, Shel. Although the specs of these two shoes are very similar, we found that they felt different on the run. Our testers thought the 14s had a wider heel cup than the 12s, and the step-in feel was even more plush than it was with their predecessors. What aspects of the Nimbus 12 worked so well for you? What were some of the challenges that you experienced with the Nimbus 13?

  • Shel

    I had the 13s and returned them after 4 runs. I had gotten the worst shin splints I’ve ever experienced. To me, it felt like my heel was lower in the 13s. My hamstrings were sore and my toes tingled after anything more than a 3-4 mile run.

  • Shel

    With the 12s I never felt the strain on the back of my legs like I did with the 13s and I do with the Vomero6.

  • Kim

    I am glad to see im not the only one that hasn’t been a fan of the 14s. I went to try them the other day for the first time and could tell i didn’t like them just from walking in them. I am a narrower fit so the 13s I loved though I know other Asics lovers did not like that version. I found the back to be wider and feel less cushioned as well as the over all shoe in the new 14s. I was too nervous to buy them, afraid it would cause blistering in the back for sure. I guess I will have to revert to buying another pair of the 13s. any other suggestions of another shoe to try?

  • Alice

    Thanks for your question, Kim. If you’re looking for a neutral shoe that has great cushioning with a somewhat narrower heel cup than the Nimbus 14, then you might check out the Asics Cirrus 33 here: . If you’d be alright with a firmer ride, but would like a narrower heel, then you might take a look at the adidas Ride 4 here:

  • Alice

    Switching to a shoe with a lower drop can cause leg pain, but since all of the shoes you’ve been running in have traditional drops we’re a little perplexed as to the cause of your discomfort. If you haven’t increased your mileage or switched the type of terrain that you’re running on, then we’re not sure what the problem might be. If you continue to experience pain, we’d recommend seeking out the advice of a medical professional. -Alice

  • Karen Arents

    I agree with the majority of Nimbus fans that the 13s were way different in fit than the 12s. I am on my 3rd pair of twelves. I tried on a pr of 14s this week and liked the feel, felt very similar to the 12s but the store didn’t have my size. Waiting to try my size on the treadmill before purchasing. Now a little nervous after seeing other comments about the way the 14s feel after a few runs. The 12s are perfect why mess with a great thing?

  • Shel

    I just purchased the 14s a few weeks ago. So far- I’m a huge fan. They fit much like the 12s did, and I have not had any discomfort after runs. Most of the shoe reviews I’ve read state that the 14s should have been the replacement for the 12s, because the 13s just were so different in structure.

  • Lee

    I have always run in the nimbus shoes and loved them. My last pair was the 12s. I have been running in my 14s for two and a half months now. I am getting terrible blisters just behind the balls of my feet (which are sore all the time now.) maybe the arch is different, but I actually can’t run in them anymore. I am a 57kg women, 167cm tall. I like their responsiveness but have had to resort to my sons Nike triax as I cannot justify buying a new pair of shoes after only a couple of months. Very, very disappointed.

  • Matt

    Thank you for your comment, Lee. We’re sorry to hear that the Nimbus 14 has been uncomfortable for you. If you purchased this shoe from us, you can return it under our 90 Day No Sweat Return Policy. Find details here: Please give us a call at (805) 540-7905 or email if we can help coordinate the return for you.

  • Cher


    I agree – I have a pair of 13s I have been training in since May of this year and when I went to get new ones in September the salesperson said the 14 is exactly the same as the 13. I believed him so I got the new 14 and after a few training runs, they pinch on the sides of my feet and my feet hurt after only 1 mile in this shoe. I thought they just had to be broken in but, alas, they are now my gym shoes and I have to go buy yet another pair of $100+ running shoes :(

  • Irene

    I loved my nimbus 12, 13, and excited to try the 14. I am VERY disappointed and my heal has been killing me within 2 weeks. :(

  • Greg

    Just bought a pair of 14’s to replace my 13’s. I’ve run a marathon in 12’s and a marathon in 13’s and had great success with both shoes. 14’s are not even close to being the same shoe as the 12’s or 13’s. 14’s are lacking in the cushy crash pad on the heel and there is very little padding in the tongue. Also the shoe seems to be just a little shorter in length when compaired to my 13’s. Returning the 14’s. May look at a Brooks.

  • Matt

    If you’re looking for a more plush shoe in this category, both the Brooks Glycerin 10 ( and Nike Zoom Vomero 7 ( are worth checking out.

  • Kim

    I also just purchased the 14’s after loving my 12’s and settling for the 13’s. I found the fit of the 14 very similar to the 13. It still has the narrow toe, maybe even slightly more narrow through the arch as well. I am having width issues with these shoes and wish they would revert back to the 12 fit. However, I did find the cushioning on the 14’s better than the 13’s so far.

  • Judith

    I have used Asics Gel Nimbus since the 6. I had a tendency for plantar fasciitis to this was the shoe recommended to me for neutral gait with cushioning. I was happy all these years, but the 14 immediately caused me terrible shin and foot pain. After that first 5k, I read the reviews and had to agree, these shoes are BAD. I went back and forth with Asics but they said I would have to mail the shoes back and IF they determined there was a defect, they would exchange them. I did not want the same shoe again. I tried using them again recently, for walking, and felt some knee pain but thought maybe it was from something else?? Well, today I used them on the treadmill for 30 min, and ever since then, I have excruciating pain in my left knee!!! These shoes are $140 DUDS and I am never buying another Asics product. I don’t know the reason, I don’t know what is different about the 14, but I do notice the heel is less cushioned and lower in general. Sorry to say but I am DONE WITH ASICS.

  • Chris


    Re: splints. Me too! I am in the same boat. After having run in 12s, 13s, at a rate of around 25 miles a week for two years, now all the sudden I have splints with the 14. Why?? These new 14s strike harder and I dont run as smoothly. The only way not to have pain in them is to run on my toes for a quarter mile every third one, or it gets too fatiguing. Cant fully understand but I think too much cushion has been removed. Also have some knee pain now too. Going to save them for 5k alone but will put them away for distance.

  • Carolyn

    I’ve worn the Gel Nimbus since #10 and have sworn by these shoes. But the 14’s have not worked out for me, I get bad calf pain & cramps wearing them in an outdoor situation – have achieved personal worsts in 5K, 10K and half marathon distance before I figured out that these shoes just aren’t working. Heading to the runners store tomorrow to try something new, and I will consider the 15 but am going to look at other brands as well. I never thought this would happen, but I see others have had the same issue.

  • Mark

    I agree with John about the 14s not having the same amout of cushion as the 13s. I have been wearing the nimbus line since the 10 and can definitely tell the difference between the 13 and 14 model. The 14s seem to have a lot less cushioning. I started having shin problems with the 14s and decided to go back to the 13s after healing. My run and health stayed the same so I can rule that out. No problems since going back to the 13s.

  • Gill

    I was new to the Nimbus line having been a GT21** devotee and with the 13’s, loved them from the start. They worked perfectly with my running orthotics. I recently purchased the Nimbus 14 and now have a torn calf muscle. Something has drastically changed to make my right foot land so much on the outside and put excess strain on the calf hence the tear. I hope I can find some 13’s online. Waste of $200 :(