Asics Gel Kayano 20 Sneak Peek

You know a shoe has something special going for it when it hits 20 years with no sign of slowing down. The Asics Gel Kayano turns 20 this year, and with its winning blend of support, cushioning, and a plush fit, the shoe is as popular as ever. This update to the premium, maximum support trainer introduces a few new technologies to make for an improved fit and feel, while retaining the qualities that make the Kayano such an iconic shoe.

What to Watch For

  • FluidFit: The Biomorphic Fit of previous editions has been replaced by stretchy overlays around the mid and forefoot for a more adaptive and personalized fit.
  • 20th Anniversary Colors: In commemoration of the Kayano’s 20th anniversary, special edition versions of the shoe will be released in the colorways of the original Men’s and Women’s Kayano models (see below).
  • Gender-Specific Features: Accounting for differences in foot anatomy between men and women, the Women’s Kayano 20 has an offset that is 3mm higher than the Men’s model. Midsole stack heights as measured by Asics are 24/11 for Women and 22/12 in the Men’s shoe. In addition, the Women’s shoe has gender-specific cushioning.


Release Date
October 2013

Men’s Colors
Black/White/Gold Asics Gel Kayano 20
White/Galaxy/Midnight Asics Gel Kayano 20
Lightning/Silver/Royal Asics Gel Kayano 20
Pine/Lightning/White Asics Gel Kayano 20
Black/Onyx/Black Asics Gel Kayano 20

Women’s Colors
Black/Plum/Blue Asics Gel Kayano 20
White/Gulf Stream/Berry Asics Gel Kayano 20
White/Island Blue/Electric Melon Asics Gel Kayano 20
Pink/White/Purple Asics Gel Kayano 20

Asics Gel Kayano 20 - 20th Anniversary Colors

  • Brian

    Is it possible that the stack heights reported are a mistake? With the 19’s reported to have a 31/21mm off-set, I would dare say the photos of the 20’s look like there may even be MORE foam underfoot. Thanks for double checking.

  • Matt

    Thanks for the question. The numbers listed (provided by Asics) are midsole heights only. Our stack height measurement measures the entire platform including the outsole. We have no way of equating our measurement to Asics’ measurement, but we don’t expect more than a millimeter or two of difference over the current model’s stack height (except for the fact that the Women’s model of the Kayano 20 will have a slightly higher offset). Hope that clarifies it!

  • Tib

    Will the 20 have more pronation control than the 19 which i found to be a little lacking in that department?

  • Matt

    Thanks for the question. The platform largely carries over in this update so we do not expect the level of pronation support to change.

  • Mike

    Has there been any word on the weight of the Gel-Kayano 20’s?

  • Taro


    We measured samples of the Kayano 20 at 11.3 oz for a Men’s size 9 and 9.3 oz for a Women’s size 7.

  • Mark

    How does the cushioning compare to the 19?

  • Matt

    There will be only cosmetic changes to the platform so version 20 should feel almost exactly the same as the current Kayano 19.

  • Allie

    Thanks for the information. I have been waiting to buy these. I am not sure I am a fan of the increased stack height for the women’s model, I have been wanting to go less not more drop. I’m a wide foot so I may buy the men’s shoe.
    Thanks again for the info.

  • Eve

    I look forward to another year of womens Kayano’s, but it would be great to have more options in colors than only one for us narrow 2AA runners.
    Hope you can make that happen.

  • Matt

    Thanks for the suggestion, Eve. Asics will produce the Kayano 20 in two Women’s width colors – White/Gulf Stream/Berry and Black/Plum/Blue. We’ll stock both in 2A widths, so at least you have options!

  • Steve


    I got my 20’s yesterday. I have to say they feel nothing like the 19’s. They are a lot “bouncier” and responsive. Cushioning is fantastic, firm, but ample.

  • Caleb

    I also recieved my 20’s yesterday. It has more stability than the 19’s. I’m not sure what changed, if anything, but you could feel the overpronation roll when wearing the 19s, in the 20s, you do not feel it, nor do I think it is there. Like Steve said, lighter, and definitely bouncier.

  • Peter

    Hey just wondering when they will be out in australia

  • Matt

    We aren’t certain of the launch schedule in markets outside of the U.S. We encourage you to contact Asics Australia directly here:

  • LJ

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