Asics Gel Electro33 Sneak Peek

Asics Gel Electro33 Women's Shoe Blazing Yellow/Silver/Mint

In case you haven’t noticed, Asics’ 33 collection is being revamped. The upcoming lineup is losing a few models, while others are being introduced to create a collection focused on providing the runner with a natural running experience.

Among the newcomers is the Gel Electro33, which gives runners a cushioned platform similar to the Excel33 along with mild support for overpronation. Based on our experience with other recent shoes with the 33 designation, the Electro33 should deliver a great run. At 9.6 oz for a Men’s size 9 and 7.3 oz for a Women’s 7 (our measurements), we expect this shoe to be a great alternative to the Asics DS Trainer for those looking for a bit less structure.

What to Watch For

  • FluidAxis: The backbone of the 33 collection, the unique FluidAxis midsole design allows for the natural motion of the foot from heelstrike through toe off.
  • Pronation Support: Similar to what we’ve seen in the Super J33, the Electro33 features a two-density midsole for mild to moderate support.
  • Heel Cushioning: The Electro33 features Gel cushioning in the heel for durable impact protection.
  • No Sew Upper: An engineered mesh upper provides seamless structure over the forefoot, while welded overlays around the midfoot and heel keep your foot locked in place.


Release Date
February 2014

Men’s Colors
Black/Lightning/Flash Yellow Asics Gel Electro33
Turquoise/Lightning/Black Asics Gel Electro33

Women’s Colors
Blazing Yellow/Silver/Mint Asics Gel Electro33
Flash Pink/Silver/Lavender Asics Gel Electro33

Asics Gel Electro33 Men's Shoe Turquoise/Lightning/Black

Asics Gel Electro33 Outsole

  • Jake

    What offset will these have, 6mm like the gel lyte? Or 4mm like the successful saucony line?

  • Nick

    What will the heel to toe drop be? Will the Electro33 replace the Neo33?

  • Shahar

    It looks like they’ve copied Nike engineered mesh!

  • jakethesnake

    looks just like the kinvara

  • Matt

    We expect a 10mm offset. Asics lists midsole heights (not total stack heights) of 20mm heel/10mm forefoot.

  • Matt

    10mm heel-to-toe drop. The Neo33 goes away, but this shoe isn’t exactly a replacement. It should be about equally supportive, but will be substantially lighter. Think of it as a support version of the Excel33.

  • Nic

    A 10mm Offset is outdated … why they do not like Saucony with 8 / 4 / 0 mm Models? That would be a great Standard.

  • Jake

    Thanks Matt. I feel like people who are looking for a shoe this low, don’t want such a staggeringly high offset. Doesn’t seem to make any sense, I was excited, but if the offset is 10mm, then I’ll be sticking with the purecadence and mirage

  • Jake

    But maybe the heel is shaped like a cup, like the hokas, then maybe the offset would be lower, while the total midsole hight is higher

  • Steven

    No it’s not outdated. Some runners (like me) want light weight & some stability but cannot run in low-offset shoes.

    @ Jake: Why should a lighter weight experience be exclusive to low offset shoes? Why wouldn’t those of us who need that higher offset want a lighter weight feel?

    This shoe is just covering a certain market segment. If you want a Saucony, go buy one!