Asics Gel DS Trainer 18 Sneak Peek

Asics DS Trainer 18 Men's Shoe

The DS Trainer has long enjoyed a strong following among dedicated runners. A slimmed down trainer combining lightweight performance with a touch of stability, this classic lineage now enters its 18th rendition and shows no sign of slowing down.

And as you can see, big changes are in the works. In this update, the DS Trainer receives a sleek redesign from the ground up. From a dual-layered midsole to a new lightweight upper with style that screams “fast,” this version is sure to catch the attention of runners looking for a performance-oriented design for both training and racing.

What to Watch For

  • Revamped Upper: A new seamless design sheds weight and increases flexibility without compromising breathability.
  • Traditional Heel Design: After the clutch-collar heel design in several previous versions, this update reverts back to a more traditional heel collar design.
  • New Support System: Along with other Asics models, the DS Trainer 18 switches to Dynamic Duomax for a smoother, yet still supportive ride.
  • Reduced Weight: Asics claims weights of 9.1 oz (Men’s size 9) and 7.6 oz (Women’s size 8), down from 10.4 oz and 8.8 oz.

Launch Date
January 2013


Men’s Color
Yellow/Black/Red DS Trainer 18

Women’s Color
Purple/White/Neon Yellow DS Trainer 18

Asics DS Trainer 18 Men's Shoe Medial View

Asics DS Trainer 18 Women's Shoe (Catalog View)

  • Karen

    I recently switched back to the DS-Trainer from the Brooks Axiom, then Ravenna, due to the fact that the DS-Trainer update started to feel like the really old models (from 2005ish). The toebox is wide again, and the footbed is flat (I have very flat feet and can’t tolerate any shoe with a hint of an arch). Will the new model still have those features?

  • Alice

    Thanks for the question. We know that the DS Trainer 18 will shed about an ounce of weight and be redesigned from heel to toe for more of a performance feel. This likely means a fit that is very similar to or perhaps just a bit more snug than the current version. We currently do not have information on how high the arch will be in the new version. We won’t have a definitive answer for you until we get a chance to try out the shoe in January. You seem to be a fan of the DS Trainer, so we’d encourage you to give the 18 a try when it comes out. If you’re not completely satisfied with the way it fits, you’re welcome to return it for a full refund.

  • octavio

    Thank you, thank you.

    No more useless heel clutch system. The heel clutch must of been designed on a “bad day” at the office. LOL.

    I will now be able to wear this model again.
    It’s my favorite all time Asics model.

    Thanks again.

  • Dan

    I’ve ran thousands of miles in these shoes and have had many pairs of 16’s and 17’s. why would Asics get rid of clutch collar heel? if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. all they needed to do in my opinion is make the 17’s in the colors that the 16’s came in. they are changing to much in this new model. it almost is a completely different shoe.

  • Max

    I couldn’t agree more with Dan. Aside from the drab styling, the 17 was the perfect shoe: asymmetrical laces fit well and the clutch collar heel provided a great fit for me. At 10 ounces it was light enough to be as a performance shoe but still provide the hint of stability I need for everyday use. The 16 colors were so much better. I was hoping for minor modifications and better colors. This looks like a completely new shoe and though the styling got bolder (which was needed), it also got ugly.