Asics Gel Cumulus 14 – Our Take

Asics Gel Cumulus 14 Women's and Men's Running Shoes

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The Asics Gel Cumulus 14 is a solid daily trainer for the neutral runner who wants to rack up miles in comfort.
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Big Updates

  • Weight Fluctuation: The Men’s Cumulus 14 comes in about a half ounce lighter than the outgoing model, but the Women’s Cumulus 14 is actually an ounce heavier than the prior model. The lighter Men’s weight is likely due to a more sculpted midsole and slightly reduced Gel cushioning. We have not been able to determine the source of the weight increase on the Women’s model.
  • Full Length Guidance Line: This line, now running the length of the outsole, is designed to improve gait efficiency.
  • Firmer Ride: The Cumulus 14 offers lots of cushioning but has been tuned to deliver a more responsive ride than last year’s model.

Road Test

All right, kids – time for Latin 101. Did you know that cumulus means “pile” or “heap”? Betcha didn’t. But now you do. And while our testers found plenty of cushioning in the latest Cumulus, it feels dialed back a bit from the “heap” of cushioning in prior generations.

That said, the Cumulus 14 certainly is not a firm shoe, but the updated ride helps to make it feel more stable. Though the Cumulus weighs about the same or even a bit more than the Nimbus 14, Asics’ top-of-the-line neutral trainer, several testers reported that it actually feels lighter than that model.

The upper received lots of positive remarks, with testers commenting on the fantastic heel fit and slightly closer fit in the forefoot compared to recent generations. Those of you who have been fans of this shoe for many years might feel that the latest version harkens back to the closer fit of versions 8 and 9. If you’ve purchased the Cumulus in the past for a more generous fit, definitely give the new model a thorough try-on to see if you might need to bump up to a wide width.

The latest Cumulus carries on its mission of high-mileage comfort, but takes a bit of a different direction by becoming a touch more responsive and closer-fitting for a more connected feel with the road.

Runners Say

“Really smooth transition in this shoe. I think the full-length Guidance Line helps to keep the shoe moving forward fluidly.” – Matt

“The ride of the Cumulus 14 is firmer than I expected, and the upper feels a bit more streamlined than the prior model.” – Moe

“Great landing for heel strikers. It’s pretty good for a midfoot strike too, but I’d probably go with a different shoe if I regularly landed on my forefoot.” – Daniel

  • Fay

    I tried on a man’s Cumulus 14 because the woman’s shoe is not wide enough. I really liked the fit,wider and more toe room. I would like to know if this is a good shoe for walking? The salesperson at the store said it would be. What does anyone else think?

  • Matt

    Running shoes are constructed to perform best during a running pace/gait, but many folks wear them for walking as well. The Cumulus 14 offers forefoot and heel cushioning, along with a fairly padded upper, which together provide the comfort many walkers seek.

  • Gordon

    I love this shoe, but am not a huge fan of the US color schemes. I managed to find the mostly yellow version (limited edition) on ebay, but it’s marked up quite a bit and would be coming from the UK. I contacted an Asics rep and she said this style wouldn’t be available in the US, but I’m determined to try and find it here. Any ideas? I’ve pasted the ebay link below to the mostly yellow layout.

  • Matt

    Thanks for the question, Gordon. That is indeed a non-US colorway that is unavailable to American distributors. Maybe take a nice vacation to the London Olympics and pick up a pair while you’re over there? It seems like the only way you’ll be able to get this shoe is from a UK retailer, which will cost more both for the shoe itself and shipping.

  • Bill

    Boo to this new model. Not nearly as cushioned as the previous models. Not everyone wants minimal shoes. Guess after of years with the cumulus, time to move on.