Asics Gel Cirrus33 – Our Take

Asics Gel Cirrus33 Women's Running Shoe

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New Math: Cirrus33 + 1 left foot + 1 right foot = Cushioning3. You won’t find a more cushioned shoe to keep you protected and comfortable.
(View Men’s Gel Cirrus33 and Women’s Gel Cirrus33)

Big Features

  • Rearfoot and Forefoot Gel Cushioning: The Cirrus33 has the largest volume of Gel cushioning of any Asics shoe.
  • 2-Layer Midsole: SpEVA foam provides additional midsole cushioning and sits above a denser layer of Solyte foam for added stability.

Road Test

If you’ve got a wish for squish, you can’t miss Cirrus33 on your list. (Say that 5 times fast!) Cush is the headline here – the Cirrus33 is more gooped up with Gel than any other Asics model. Ever. Run in the Nimbus or Vomero? Then you need to take the Cirrus33 for a spin.

Every tester was surprised by just how much more cushioning this shoe offers than other Asics models. But it’s not a one-trick pony. You can tell that Asics put the work in to make this shoe runnable and fairly responsive given its pillowy protection. That said, a few testers noted hot spots at the top of the heel and on the lateral side of the upper near where the Asics logo joins up with the midsole.

While we’re on the subject of hot, several testers felt that this shoe ran hot, and would have liked to have seen a little more breathability, particularly in the midfoot. Fit received high marks overall, with many testers liking the heel and the forefoot. This shoe is not as low-volume as some other 33 Collection shoes, which makes sense for the runner who is looking for a cozy daily trainer rather than a streamlined racing shoe.

Runners Say

“Tremendous cushion for heel strikers, with a smooth transition for the runner who wants that near-effortless roll from heel to toe. It’s more forgiving than the Nimbus and a lot like the very first Nike Vomero.” – Jonathan

“The Cirrus33 gives you bottomless cushioning. Seriously, I could not find the bottom of the cushioning in the heel and forefoot.” – Joanna

“It’s like a hotel mattress for your foot. For the ultimate in cushioning, choose this shoe.” – Matt

  • brent

    looks very comfy for sure. Is it a larger fit than the nimbus and is it more stable or the same?

  • Matt

    Our testers found the Cirrus33 to run a little longer than a standard running shoe. We were split about whether you’d actually need to size down or not. The Cirrus has a much more low-volume upper than the Nimbus. In terms of stability, the Cirrus33 feels a touch more stable to us.

  • Josh

    I run in the Nimbus, are these worth the extra $30?

  • Matt

    That’s a judgment call. The Cirrus33 has a lower volume upper and a bit more cushion than the Nimbus. If those features are important to you, then the price difference may be worth it. Otherwise, you should be good to go sticking with the Nimbus. Thanks for the question!

  • Josh

    I do like cushion! I think I’m going to hold out just a little longer till I can get more feedback on the shoe. I really want to try them though haha..

  • JBerto

    Does it have even more cushion than Vomero 5-6?? (I’ve read Vom7 has a little less cushion than 5 or 6)

    How flexible it is?

  • Matt

    Thanks for the question. The cushioning in the Cirrus33 is pretty comparable to the Vomero 5 and 6. The Cirrus33 is not the most flexible shoe on the market by any means, but offers decent flexibility for how much cushioning technology is in the midsole.