Altra One Sneak Peek

Altra One Men's Shoe

With the turn of the page into the New Year, we are seeing an expansion in offerings from Altra. Despite being a relative newcomer to the running shoe world, Altra saw a very successful 2012, gaining traction within the running community with their winning combination of cushioning for underfoot protection and a zero heel-to-toe drop platform.

The One is Altra’s entry into the lightweight performance category. Light enough for racing yet protective enough for training, this shoe should be right on the money for fans of Altra who want to cover racing distances up to the marathon and do some speedwork.

What To Watch For

  • Standard Altra Traits: It’s an Altra, so expect a wide forefoot to allow for toe splay and a zero drop platform to encourage a more forward foot strike.
  • Low Stack Height: Altra measures stack heights differently than we do, and is claiming an 18mm height. This will likely translate into a 12mm stack height by our measurements, or 4mm lower than the Altra Instinct 1.5.* There still should be a good amount of protection underfoot to reduce impact, while focusing on responsiveness and energy return.
  • Low Weight: Altra has measured the One at 7.3 oz in a Men’s size 9 and 6.4 oz in a Women’s size 8.


Launch Date
March 2013

Men’s Colors
Lime Punch Altra One

Women’s Colors
Lime Punch Altra One

* CORRECTION: Bullet point updated above to change incorrect stack height measurement listed in Altra’s catalog

Altra One Men's Shoe

  • Bry

    I am SOOOOOOOO looking forward to trying this one out!

  • David H

    I would guess this will be a lower stack than the instinct. Altra is likely including the insole in the stack where RW doesn’t. The Torin, for example, Altra lists as a 28mm stack where as you have it at 20. I hope this is the case cause it is really the category Altra needs. They’ve got the cushioned category covered and the ultra minimal but need something light and fast. Glad it has a full outsole too.

  • Matt

    Thanks for the comment, David. We have some conflicting info from Altra on stack heights right now. in their catalog, they list both the Torin and One at 28mm. But then they list the 3-Sum, their new Tri shoe that’s on the same platform as the One, at 18mm. We’re contacting Altra for some more clarification on their measuring process and the discrepancies in the catalog.

  • Don

    Yeah, more stack than the Instinct 1.5 but a full 2oz lighter, something doesnt line up… the shoe seems promising though!

  • Bry

    Will you update this post if you get different info? I was definitely surprised when someone elsewhere pointed out to me that stack height on this is taller than The One’s daily trainer counterpart (The Instinct 1.5).

  • Matt

    We heard back from Altra that the 28mm stack height listed in their catalog is a typo. Their correct measurement is 18mm. This should mean that the shoe will be 4mm lower than the Instinct 1.5.

  • Marc

    Is there a release date yet?

  • Taro


    We’re expecting to receive the Altra One around the 26th of this month.

  • Lynn Gibson

    release date for Altra One running shoe….purchasing information…pre-sales???

  • Matt

    Shipment is delayed just a bit and we’re expecting the One to be in stock the first week of April. We are not planning to have it available for pre-sale on the site but you can call us at 800-606-9598 to place a pre-order. If you pre-order, the shoe will ship and you will be charged as soon as it arrives in our warehouse.