Recipes for the Runner: Snacks

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Runners run, obviously. But we are not only running in the literal sense; as people with a time-consuming sport on our hands (and families, jobs, and lives), we are often running through the day in an effort to make everything fit. Maybe this is why we tend to wear our split shorts and trainers even when we’re not on the track…?

Runners also eat. Sitting at a desk directly across from an Olympian-in-training for 40 hours a week has taught me that much. But here is the dilemma; this co-worker of mine has come into the office countless times without eating breakfast (after running his daily half-marathon), simply because he didn’t have the time. Need I say more? We as runners need fuel that is not only healthy, but also time-efficient and portable. The solution? Pre-made, tasty and nutritious snacks.


Hearty and Healthy Granola Bar Pic

Thick, Chewy Granola Bars

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This is an “everything but the kitchen sink” bar, and I love it for that very reason. The blend of adaptable ingredients yields a wonderfully dense, chewy bar with a perfectly nutty and slightly sweet flavor. Why is it good for the runner? The oats in the bar offer a hearty dose of carbs and fiber; honey, maple syrup and sugar provide replenishing carbohydrates; and the nuts and peanut butter sustain with lasting protein. Needless to say, these bars store well and will be ready for your busy week. My one recipe regret? That I didn’t snap a photo of the ravenous runners in my office chowing down on them this morning….

Light and Lean IMG_3666

Roasted Carrot Hummus

compliments of Juli Taylor, RW staff

It can be challenging to track down a snack that hits what I like to call the “target trio”; healthy, filling, and tasty. Lucky for you, we’ve done the hard work and found it. The primary ingredient in this hummus recipe is carrots, which provide an excellent source of beta-carotene (Vitamin A), and are also associated with a lowered rate of coronary heart disease. Garbanzo beans provide satiating protein, and the variety of spices used adds a unique, delicious flavor. For a light snack, use the hummus as a dip for snap peas, tomatoes, or even more carrots. You could also enjoy it with pita or tortilla chips, bread, or as spread on a sandwich.

The Crowd Pleaser Popcorn Board Recipes

Crunchy Popcorn Trail Mix

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Who doesn’t like popcorn? Well actually, I didn’t until about 2 years ago. Then I discovered things like kettle corn and popcorn trail mix clusters, and things changed rapidly. Popcorn (not the buttery, movie theater version) is an economical, wholesome, whole grain snack providing fiber and necessary carbohydrates. The recipe above combines this airy treat with nuts, seeds, whole-grain cereal, dried fruit and honey to create slightly sweet clusters. Protein and beneficial fats from the nuts and seeds along with carbohydrates from the corn, grains and honey make for a well-rounded snack for all to enjoy.

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