Winter Running Hats | Buying Guide 2016

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Ah, there’s nothing like the winter, eh friend. The temperature drops to a refreshing 62° Fahrenheit. It might rain a couple of times. Wait, what? You don’t live in San Luis Obispo and there are variations in your local weather? Weird. So you don’t have sunny 70° days in December, January, and February? No? Uhuh. You want to explain to me all the ways in which you despise me but your face is still frozen from that run you just finished? Well let’s help you out by getting you the appropriate headwear. Then we can talk about the weather some more.

Why Brain No Work?

Your brain is important, despite what your less loving friends might say, and the rest of your body treats it as such. While blood flow to extremities such as fingers and toes may decrease as you run through the cold, blood flow to the brain is maintained so that your body can continue to function. As a side effect of that blood flow and human anatomy, your head emits notable amounts of heat into the surrounding air. This is problematic if staying warm is on your list of priorities. To put it hyperbolically, your head is spewing heat like a ruptured oil line in the Gulf of Mexico, and no one wants oiled Pelicans. Do the right thing and plug that leak with the correct technological sealant, a cap. Which cap is correct will depend on the exact conditions you are running in.



Running in the rain can be a joyous occasion, and some runners are like giddy children splashing through puddles and mud at reckless speeds. Other runners liken it to Chinese water torture. If you fall in that camp and would prefer not to feel the invigorating sting of an icy tempest on your eyes and face, the Brooks Seattle Collapsible Hat is the solution for you. Its wind and waterproof fabric keep your head warm and dry while its easy to collapse design simplifies storage between squalls.

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When the autumn chill starts to bite, headbands can be an excellent tool for preventing your ears from developing that terrible pincushion sensation we all know and abhor. Of headbands, the Brooks Greenlight Headband has the requisite contoured shape and thermal fabrication of a running headband with colorful reversible options for individual style preferences.

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If headbands aren’t your thing, check out The North Face Runners Shinsky. A three-tier color block design adds style while its open-knit fabrication limits moisture build-up through ventilation. Also, I hear all the cool kids are wearing them, so, you know.

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In the depths of winter, more serious headwear will make the difference between enjoying and enduring your run. Two unique options are the Saucony Omni Ponytail Skull Cap and the Salomon Momentum Beanie. The Omni Ponytail is a go-to for individuals with long hair due to its convenient ponytail port, moisture managing fabric, and reversible design, while the Momentum has a windproof front panel and side slots to hold up those sweet, snow-blind-preventative shades your grandfather gave you.

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