Winter Running Accessories: Level Up Your Warmth Without Bulk


When temperatures are lower and weather is more fierce and unpredictable, you might think a solid winter running jacket is the key to running in comfort. We aren’t knocking that – because in some cases, that is what you need. But the key is finding the best way to stay warm for you. Everyone’s cold tolerance is different, and as runners, our bodies react differently to cardiovascular activity; some run hot, and some run cold. That being said, the presence of a heavy duty running jacket may have you feeling overheated and miserable, so adding winter running accessories instead could make all the difference on your winter run.

19865205006_b2bd6407ec_oBeanie – When you have to run but it is just plain freezing outside, a good beanie may become your new best friend. Even though it is a myth that most heat escapes from your head, there is something about the warmth of a beanie that can make all the difference in the world on a cold run. The thermal beanies that we carry are all built for running, so they provide breathable warmth to shield you from the cold.
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Thermal headband – If you’re the type that runs hot or overheats easily, wearing a beanie is probably going to be uncomfortable and too warm for you. Ear warming headbands may be the key for you on a cold day, as they keep your ears and forehead warm while allowing some ventilation by not completely covering your head.
Men’s Thermal Headbands | Women’s Thermal Headbands

Neck & face warmers – When you’re running in the cold, you become painfully aware of any gaps in your protective clothing. Neck gaiters, balaclavas, Buffs and wraps are perfect for adding extra protection and warmth around your neck, face, and head without feeling slowed down by the bulk of a jacket. These different neck and face warmers have different benefits and uses, though, so take note. Neck gaiters add more warmth by helping to trap the heat at your core and not allow it to escape at your neck. You can pull it up higher or push it lower for adjustable coverage. Balaclavas are the most hardcore and provide protection when you know you’ll need it for your entire run. Because frankly, it’s not very adjustable, and no one wants to be putting on and taking off a balaclava while trying to run. A Buff or wrap is the most versatile of these options, as you can use it in so many different ways, though it provides the least amount of warmth due to its lightweight versatility.
Men’s Neck & Face Warmers | Women’s Neck & Face Warmers

10Gloves – Some runners wear gloves often and some runners would wear gloves as a last resort – it all depends on your personal cold tolerance. If your arms have a high cold tolerance, you may find that wearing gloves makes more sense to you than adding a layer. You might be surprised about how much warmer you feel overall when your hands are warm. If you have poor circulation, you will find gloves an absolute necessity for winter running.
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