Now Available: Heart Rate Data for iPhone 4S

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Wahoo Fitness Blue HR Heart Rate Monitor

Your problem: you want heart rate data, but you want it with your favorite running app on your nice, new iPhone 4S.

Traditional chest strap heart rate monitors transmit data in a format that isn’t compatible with your new phone. So are you out of luck?

Nope. Blue HR is the first heart rate monitor strap made just for the iPhone 4S. The company that makes it, Wahoo Fitness, is a leading sports-electronics innovator based in Atlanta.

The Blue HR Heart Rate Strap for iPhone 4S is available now. It retails for $79.99.

Why You Need It

  • The Blue HR monitor uses Bluetooth Smart, a next-generation transmission technology that sends data in real time to your iPhone 4S without the need for an adapter.
  • The monitor works with apps including RunKeeper, iMapMyRun, 321Run and the free Wahoo Fitness App.
  • Bluetooth Smart uses less energy than traditional Bluetooth, meaning there’s no need to charge the Blue HR monitor and the coin-style battery lasts a year or longer.

Wahoo Fitness App Screen Shot

  • Setup can’t be simpler. Open up the package, scan the included QR code to download the Wahoo Fitness App, then open the app to pair up the sensor. You’re ready to run from there.
  • The Wahoo Fitness App displays real-time heart rate along with workout time, calories burned, max and average heart rate, and workout zones.
  • The Blue HR sensor was engineered for improved measurements over ANT+ and older data transmission technologies. This means pinpoint accurate heart rate readings. It was tested thoroughly by athletes at Georgia Tech University to refine the calibration.
  • More smartphones such as the Motorola Razr are adding Bluetooth Smart technology. The Blue HR monitor will be compatible with more devices as time goes on.
  • With the Blue HR strap and your favorite fitness app, your iPhone 4S becomes a full-service training device. Track speed and distance, monitor heart rate, access GPS maps and listen to your favorite tunes all in one device.

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