Using the Garmin Forerunner 620

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Posted by Taro, Thursday December 12, 2013

The new Garmin Forerunner 620 is one of the more hyped pieces of running tech to come across these parts this holiday season. Honestly, this GPS watch is so loaded with features that it’s hard to keep up just reading about it online – if you dare to try, you may read on its tech details here – it’s best to actually use it to get a full sense of its capabilities.

Luckily, our very own Dan, a key member of our customer service team and noted Phil Collins fan, had picked up a Forerunner 620 during a recent trip to the Big Apple and has been putting his new watch to good use. So I decided to hunt him down and get his thoughts on how his new watch has changed his running experience. Here’s how that encounter went down:

Hi Dan. Ooohh!! Look at that Garmin Forerunner 620 on your wrist! Mind if I ask you a few questions about it?

Taro! Absolutely dude. Fire away!

Word is you’ve had the 620 for a few weeks now. How much have you used your shiny new 620 so far?

So, I used it in the NYC marathon, and a half marathon on December 8th. It’s been with me on a couple runs in the last week or so, and I’ll be cranking up the mileage for a 50k in February, so it’ll get plenty more use soon.

How easy is using the 620? Could a toddler figure it out?

Well I haven’t handed mine over to a toddler yet. It all depends on how complicated you want the experience to be. If you want the watch to only track time, pace and mileage, it is as simple as pressing the run button. However, if you want to get hardcore and get your VO2Max, vertical oscillation, ground contact time and other heart rate-based metrics, the setup time takes a little while.

What is your single favorite new feature of your 620? Yes, you have to pick just one.

The coolest feature is the ability to track your friends when you run. People sometimes ask me if they can track me when I run, so now they have the ability to do so! The only drawback is that you have to carry your smartphone so that Garmin can use the phone’s signal to convey your position. For those who don’t want to carry very many things while they run, this could be a total bummer for them.

That’s pretty cool, but let’s not forget the most important feature of a watch. Does it tell time too?

Surprisingly, yes! Better yet, it even has a button that you can press to display time. Pure genius if you ask me.

How has using your 620 affected your training?

After doing a side-by-side comparison with the 610, I’ve noticed that the connectivity is better with the 620, which gives more accurate data readouts. The way the data is displayed is concise and easy to understand, which has allowed me to make changes to my training and workout routines.

Would you say that the 620 makes you a better runner?

I would say that the 620 could help those who really rely on data to improve performance. However, I rely on trying new running techniques to improve my efficiency.

How about a better person?

Well, the 620 did make me a pretty popular employee for a while since everyone wanted to check it out. However, since RW got them in stock, I’m not as cool as I use to be.

If you had to choose between running with a friend or running with the 620, which would it be?

This may be a toss up, but I’m gonna have to say running with a buddy.

Now that you’ve run with a 620, will you ever be able to go back to running without one?

Even though the 620 is pretty awesome, I still really enjoy running without a watch.

On a scale of one to awesome, what score would you give the 620?

Does awesome to the infinite power count?

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