UltrAspire 2013 Vest Rundown

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Over just the past 2 years, race vests have become a top choice for carrying hydration and other essentials on longer runs. UltrAspire, an innovator in athlete-inspired hydration products and other running gear, has a complete line of light, fast and comfortable race vests.

For 2013, the entire line receives a few notable updates. The biggest change is the sweat-proof webbing with increased ventilation. This keeps the packs from getting bogged down with sweat as you run and reduces the risk of the vest causing overheating. In addition, packs with bladders and tubing get a new pull out/push in valve for better flow of liquid.

These new features add to the core features runners expect from UltrAspire, such as the contoured pack shape for excellent range of motion, fit that reduces pressure points, and hook strap closures that are more comfortable and durable than snap buckles.

Here are the key features of the UltrAspire vest lineup:

Reservoir Dogs

  • Spry – The lightest weight vest from UltrAspire with a bladder, the Spry gives you a 1L reservoir and plenty of small stash pockets for nutrition or small personal items.
  • Alpha – The Alpha considerably bumps up your hydration and storage capacity over the Spry. The reservoir doubles to 2L, a rear pocket is added, and a rear shock cord can stash packable apparel.
  • Surge – The Surge gives you 2L of hydration along with larger pockets front and rear compared to the Alpha, and still comes in at under a pound total weight with an empty reservoir.
  • Omega – This vest bumps up your storage capacity even more than the Surge, yet adds almost no additional weight. The rear stretch pocket is great for stashing lightweight apparel.

Bottle Rockets

  • Revolution – The lightweight racing vest for runners who prefer bottles. This is a great option if you don’t want to sip from a bladder but do need a comfortable place to stash a spare bottle. Front pockets and the left rear pocket provide several storage options for nutrition and small essentials.
  • Kinetic – Double your bottle storage with the unique design of this vest, which keeps bottles stable, in proper position, and easily accessible. As an added bonus, the Kinetic is available in Small/Medium and Large/Extra Large sizes for a more custom fit.
  • Fastpack – Do some serious haulin’ with this pack. As its name suggests, the Fastpack is designed for fastpackers who spend multiple days running trails. As such, it has enough storage volume for clothing and compact sleeping gear, while remaining light and efficient. You could also add a hydration bladder (not included) in back for maximum hydration on the go.

Midnight Run

  • UltraViz Spry – This nocturnal cousin of the Spry vest is designed for low-light conditions. The Neon Yellow UltraViz color is accented by front and rear reflective detailing for maximum visibility. This vest sports many of the same premium features on UltrAspire’s other vests, including the sweat-proof mesh webbing, hook-design strap closures, and easy-reach front mesh pockets. Though not included, an UltrAspire 1L reservoir can easily fit in the rear pouch of this vest.

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