UltrAspire Spring 2013 New Products

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We’ve been thirsty for more innovation on the hydration front, and UltrAspire delivered with a quenching line of products in their 2013 line. Working with their team of pro athletes, the company has developed some truly extraordinary products to equip you for your run.

Based on feedback from some UltrAspire athletes who reported that their hydration systems felt heavier over the course of a run, the company found that sweat and salt were being absorbed by the webbing. They addressed this problem by introducing the sweat-proof webbing that can be found in all of their 2013 packs.

Each product in the 2013 UltrAspire lineup is designed to fill a specific need, so whether you’re a runner who likes handhelds or hydration packs, UltrAspire probably has something for you.

Alpha 2013

For a long trek on the trails, gear up with the UltrAspire Alpha. A two-liter bladder allows you to bring ample hydration with you, and a large bottom back pocket is easy to access via magnet closures on either side. A small moisture-proof pocket on the right shoulder strap lets you stash electrolyte capsules, and three additional front pockets give you fast access to gels or chews. This pack is available in two sizes (SM/MD and L/XL) so that you can enjoy a more custom fit.



Yes, this is a peculiar-looking bottle, but don’t get judgey just yet. The UltrAspire StemCell brings you sleek technology that’s been popular in Europe for years. This slim, ergo-angled bottle is designed to fit into most vest front pockets, and a kink-resistant, 16-inch drink tube allows you to sip while you run. If you stash this 16 ounce bottle in a front pocket, you can even sip hands-free. Maybe they’re onto something across the pond…


Quantum Belt

Bring a few more essentials along for the run with the UltrAspire Quantum Belt 2013. The stretch mesh and compression strap provide such a secure fit that this belt doesn’t even need a snap buckle to stay in place. The large front stretch mesh pocket gives you enough space to stow a smartphone and some keys, and two back elastic pockets let you carry nutrition and electrolyte caps. There’s even a pair of race number clips so this belt is ready to go for your next event.


Spry 2013

The new UltrAspire Spry is perhaps even more nimble than its predecessor, because new sweat proof webbing won’t absorb moisture and salt as you sweat. The highly breathable mesh increases ventilation, and a streamline one-liter bladder lets you carry fluid with you. Front pockets let you store nutrition and other essentials, and a small magnet-closure moisture proof pocket on the right strap lets you stash your electrolyte tablets.


ISomeric Magnon 20 oz

If a handheld is your thing, but you want a place to stow your electrolyte tabs, then check out the UltrAspire Isometric Magnon. This handheld is very similar to the Isomeric Pocket, but it includes a sweatproof magnetic closure pocket for easy access to supplementation when you’re out on the trail. The 20 ounce bottle also has a stretch mesh pocket with enough room for a few gels or and ID card.

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