Two New Ways to be Seen This Winter

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Amphipod Vizlet LED Reflector and Swift-Clip Cap Light

If this were a trashy pop culture blog (we’re trying so hard to resist), this post would be all about being seen in the latest fashions as you strut your stuff in the swanky clubs frequented by Snooki/Kim Kardashian/insert latest D-lister here.

Instead, we’re going to focus on something that’s actually useful. We’re literally talking about how you can be seen better on your winter runs – and that means illumination. Amphipod, a leader in visibility gear and hydration products, recently introduced two pretty sweet illuminated doodads that can keep you safe in dark conditions.

Clip-On Reflectors
With the Amphipod Vizlet LED Reflectors 2-Pack, you can turn almost anything you’re wearing into a safety device. These lightweight reflectors clip onto shirt collars and sleeves, hats, hydration packs and other apparel or accessory pieces using a simple dual magnet design. The day-glo colors get you noticed, and the ultra-bright flashing LED light sends a clear signal to motorists that, “Hey, I’m runnin’ here!” Up the fun quotient by choosing the pink flower design, or just get the job done with an orange or yellow triangle shape. When the LED is kicked, it’s easy to amp up these reflectors again – just trade out the replaceable coin-style battery.

Run Cap LED Light
Dude, there’s a frog on your hat! But the Amphipod Swift-Clip Cap Light isn’t any ordinary frog – it’s a trusted buddy whose bright eyes help you see the road ahead clearly and give drivers a serious heads up. To make sure they’re paying attention, switch on the strobe mode. This is a particularly nice option when you’re already planning to wear a cap and would rather leave the headlamp at home (or on the store shelf). When your little amphibian friend starts running low on juice, power him back up with a replaceable coin-style battery. Something tells us this will be a friendship that lasts for years to come.

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