Summer Spotlight: Performance Sunglasses

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Sun’s out, guns out, sunglasses on. When I’m running during the day, I don’t leave the house without my sunglasses.

I’ve run into a few issues though, forgive the pun. My stylish frames slide down as I run, and they feel bulky as they move around on my face. They’re also not as protective as they could be… and I find that my sensitive eyes still squint in the bright summer sunshine.

I have finally come to realize that it’s not me, it’s my sunglasses. They aren’t built for running. Thankfully, Running Warehouse carries a wide variety of performance sunglasses that will provide me with the features I’ve been missing out on, and so much more.


Features of performance sunglasses:

  • Protection. UV rays are no match. You put sunscreen on to protect your skin, so why wouldn’t you want to protect your eyes, too?
  • Lightweight. Streamlined. Designed to forgo the bulk of other sunglasses, these frames will rest so lightly on your face that you may forget they are there. And that’s the point.
  • Grippy. No more slippage as you sweat.
  • Reduced visual distortion. Nike and Oakley lenses provide this added feature, helping you to see clearly as you run.
  • Polarization. Lenses that are polarized cut the glare off of water and bright surfaces, making it easier to see and more comfortable to run during bright conditions.
  • Style. You don’t have to sacrifice the stylish look of your casual frames when you opt for a more technical pair of shades.

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