Stow Your Stuff: The Nike Studio Kit 2.0 Bag

I love being a runner for many reasons, but one reason is because it’s a sport you can practice almost anywhere, at any time. If you have your gear with you, your options are virtually boundless. You don’t need a track, a gym, heavy equipment, or a team.

The only thing that has the potential to weigh you down is lugging a duffle bag around with all of your running clothes and essentials. As women, we already carry a purse around, so it’s a little annoying when you’ve got two bags by your side when you want to be able to run or work out at the drop of a hat.



The kit bag fits inside your purse.

The Nike Studio Kit 2.0 Bag helps to solve that bulky duffle bag issue by eliminating it all together. Instead, this compact bag is big enough to hold a set of running clothes, a visor, socks, a sports bra, along with other small essentials like nutrition – no problem. Simply fold up your items and tuck them away inside the kit bag, zip it up, and stow it inside your purse. The compact size of the bag allows room for more than you’d think… And just like that, boom! No need for a separate duffle bag.


A complete running outfit and hat fit inside the kit bag, with a little room to spare!

The Nike kit bag will keep your running gear separate from the other items in your purse, which is especially nice post-run. Within the bag, you will find one external zip pocket for holding smaller items, like your keys or wallet. The water resistant lining on the outside will help protect the contents from unwanted moisture. The reversible construction provides stylish color options, and is constructed with both durable and flexible material.

So, instead of facing the struggle of toting around a separate duffle bag for your running gear, consider the more sleek option of carrying the Nike Studio Kit 2.0 Bag within your purse.

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