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Here at Running Warehouse we see a lot of hats and other accessories. We’ll admit… in most cases, hats and beanies are just pieces of fabric to cover your head. They aren’t much to really get jazzed about. Every once in a while though, something comes across our desk that is really cool, noteworthy, and actually interesting to talk about. And so it is with the Saucony Razor Hat.

Most beanies aren’t actually weather proof. Most beanies don’t have a bill that’s truly foldable. Most hats don’t fit over your ears without giving you a headache. Ok, enough about what most hats don’t do, and let’s talk about what the Razor Hat does for your run.

The Razor Hat keeps you dry

Yes, it’s truly waterproof and windproof! With sealed seams, this hat will keep your noggin dry and protected from the wind. The bill sheds water to keep it out of your eyes as you blaze through your run. The body of the hat is long enough to pull over your ears when the wind and rain pick up, but if you get too warm, it’s a cinch to push or fold up for better breathability.

The Razor Hat keeps you warm

The thermal lining offers plenty of warmth for cool and cold days. Also simply protecting you from the wind can up your body temperature considerably! The grid pattern also allows for breathability in case you warm up a little too much.

The Razor Hat is versatile

Easily packable, the Razor Hat works well in unpredictable weather. If the rain stops, you can simply fold up the hat and stash it in a small pocket. Or, flip the brim up for better visibility, and push the sides up past your ears to help cool you down.

For you ladies, the Razor Hat offers two ponytail options – a high tail and a low tail. These slots double as breathability vents for those without ‘tails.

The Razor Hat is comfortable

This hat is light. Like, really light. Even the brim uses thin foam that feels soft against your forehead and hardly adds any weight. The construction of the bill is such that it doesn’t add any pressure points regardless of how you are wearing the hat. Also, the thermal lining feels great against your skin and the elastic around the bottom of the hat provides a secure fit without too much compression. That being said, the hat is also offered in different sizes, so you are sure to get a great fit.

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