Spring Running Hydration | Women’s Buying Guide 2017

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Hey there, girlfriend! We’ve (probably) never met, but I can tell that you care about the gear you take on your run. And you should! You’ve researched the best shorts, the best shirts, the best scrunchies, and goshdarnit you’re going to have the best season yet. So my question is this: Why is it that no one helps you pick your hydration pack? Arguably your biggest investment? There are plenty of options online, but as we all know, fit is KEY in decisions like this, and there’s little to no available information out there to help you pick your pack. Let us help you. We know our packs. We live in these packs 6-12 months out of the year. We got this.

Here’s a rundown of our favorite hydration options for Spring 2017.

Short-Day Pack (Up to 3 Hour Adventures)

Shop the Nathan VaporHowe 4L

With input from legendary ultrarunner Stephanie Howe, Nathan spared no detail in constructing this pack. Best for shorter distances or races, we love the way this pack stretches to hug your body just enough to feel secure. We’re also pretty keen on the coral color. After all, there’s no reason not to be a good looking dirtbag. This pack is also offered in 6 sizes, meaning that there is a correct size for everyone. Find out for yourself Howe great this pack is (sorry, not sorry).

Half-Day Pack (Up to 6 Hour Adventures)

Shop the Salomon Sense Ultra 5 Set

Sure, this is technically ‘unisex’, but these packs fit ladies wonderfully. With incredibly soft, stretchy fabric, you’ll find that you no longer hesitate to reach for a tank to wear underneath. This is one of our all-time favorite race packs and will carry anything you’d need for a short or long day. All of the Salomon S-Lab Sense Packs are offered in 5  sizes, so you can pick the one that conforms best to your shape. Bonus: white.


All-Day Pack (Up to 15 Hour Adventures)

Shop the Ultimate Direction Jenny Adventure Vesta

Although this pack isn’t brand-new this season, we have to fill you in. Someone realized that women can run all day long, sometimes even further than men (gasp)! Therefore, Ultimate Direction provided a pack for the long haul, designed with wide side straps and multiple points of adjustability that make this pack great for your awesome shape. And let’s not forget the storage capacity! Finally, a place to stash your ice axe … and jacket, headlamp, 3,000 Calories worth of VFuel, water filter, gloves, beanie, peanut M&M’s, trekking poles, extra socks, extra … well, you get the idea.

Multi-Day Pack (Adventures)

Shop the Salomon S-Lab Peak 20

If just one day isn’t enough, Salomon made the S-Lab Peak 20 to accompany all you BA ladies through a multi-day trek. Why is this our choice? Well, you know how hard it can be to find the perfect fit, and S-Lab is French for fits everyone beautifully, or something like that. Because of the attention to fit details, this pack tends to fit women better than a lot of the other multi-day, unisex packs out there. Bonus: It zips down the back and has two compartments, making it a cinch to access your gear without messing up your savvy packing.


If hitting the road or the trail for more than 3 hours just isn’t your thing, or you need something light for your shorter days, try out one of the new handhelds. Their versatility makes handheld water bottles our best-selling hydration option.

Shop the Ultimate Direction Jenny Clutch

The soft water bottle is comfortable, light, and easy to drink from no matter how long your run. With a pocket big enough to hold your keys and most phones, you have enough room for the essentials.




Shop the Nathan SpeedShot Plus Insulated

You really can’t go wrong with this best-selling bottle. The insulated design is ideal for both warm and cold temperatures, and with the ergonomic shape, you will hardly notice the bottle while running.


Belts are a great option for many runners, but one of the main complaints we hear from women is that their belt bounces or rides up during a run. As with hydration packs, fit is crucial for a belt. To be honest, some belts just don’t fit certain women – yours truly, for example. Ain’t no shame! The design of the belt has just as a big of a role, though, so here are some great options:

Shop the CamelBak Ultra Belt

This belt is super soft and stretchy and we love the horizontal bottle placement. We find the CamelBak Ultra Belt to be a comfortable option for a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and the snap buckle adds that comforting fanny pack feel.



Shop the Ultimate Direction Groove Analog

Super adjustable, sold in sizes, flexible bottle with strategic placement for comfort = winning. If you prefer a velcro belt, this is the way to go!





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