Speed Bob and Weave Through Spring Heat

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Now that winter is a distant memory and spring is in full bloom, it’s time to take in the fresh air and explore those beautiful trails that came out of hiding. For the typical trail/ultra runner, a few hours out in the wild experiencing varying conditions is the norm. Every once in while though, this extended adventure can become a battle against the elements and a battle for survival. Preparation and protection are key to this battle and can save you from dehydration and heat exhaustion.

Super-athlete François D’haene knows this battle all too well and has years of experience with Salomon both preparing and finding protection. François is a Salomon ultra runner and champion of some of the most grueling races on earth; including 3 wins at the legendary Diagonal DeFous, a 100-mile race that took him just under 24 hours to complete. In preparation for the race, Salomon worked closely with François to create a unique hat with the ultimate protection against nature’s hottest foe, the SUN. Thus, the Speed Bob was born.

What sets the Salomon S-Lab Speed Bob apart? Good question! Besides the eye catching and unique style that encompasses the traits it takes to be an ultra runner, the functionality and featherweight frame bring this hat to the top tier of head and neck protection.

Functionality: 360 degree protection from the sun’s harmful rays eliminates the need to adjust your hat at every turn while the patented 37.5 technology embeds carbon from coconut husks, that’s right coconuts, to move water away from your skin and keep your head cool. This cocona fabric also dries up to five times faster than similar fabrics! All of these technologies, along with the removable heat reflecting panel* atop the head, facilitate a cool running experience.

*For enhanced cooling, you can take out the heat reflector and replace it with ice cubes or a thin ice pack.

Featherweight design: the Speed Bob weighs in at only 37 grams. That is less than the small package of raisins everyone loved (or, if you’re me, hated) as a kid. However, this lightweight design does not take away from the protection provided by the Speed Bob. In fact, while running in the beautiful spring weather, it is easy to forget that you are wearing anything on your head at all.

The Speed Bob is one of the most unique running hats we have seen here at Running Warehouse. It is exciting to see such innovative products being made by the upper echelon in ultrarunning technology, the Salomon S-Lab. If you are looking for all around protection, a way to run further and cooler, or simply want to up your running style, check out the Salomon S-Lab Speed Bob.

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Nick is a guest author for the Running Warehouse Blog (but we’re hoping he might become a regular). A recent college grad with over a decade of racing experience, he knows running. He also knows the art of a piercing stare and the way into your heart.

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