Skratch Labs: The Secret Drink Mix

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We’re bringing in a new hydration brand at Running Warehouse, and we’re stoked about what they have to offer. A coach/nutritionist who was working with a group of pro cyclists developed Skratch Labs Exercise Hydration Drink Mix a few years ago, when his cyclists complained that pre-packaged options caused bloating and indigestion. This simple solution is light on the calories and is all about hydration.

The coach started making an electrolyte drink from scratch (Oh! Skratch…). He used only natural ingredients and nixed the artificial additives found in many supplements. His electrolyte supplement mix became know as ‘The Secret Drink Mix,’ because cyclists were secretly using his more natural mix instead of the drinks their sponsors manufactured.

Now the same electrolyte drink mix that pro cyclists were using is available to all athletes. You still won’t find anything artificial on the ingredient list, and you’ll likely be able to pronounce every ingredient. This makes it easy on both the stomach and the palate. The resealable pouch helps keep the powder fresh and safe from moisture.

All of the flavor comes from real fruits, which give it a light, clean taste. We were surprised to find that it tastes just as good at room temp as it does cold, making it great for long runs in warm weather. When tasting a sample of the mix, one of our testers reported simply, “Alright. This is delicious.” The mix is currently available in four flavors: Exercise Hydration Mix with Lemons and Limes; Exercise Hydration Mix with Oranges; Exercise Hydration Mix with Raspberries; and Exercise Hydration Mix with Pineapples.

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