Salomon Sense Hydro S-Lab Set Gloves

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In the video below, Salomon couldn’t describe their new Sense Hydro S-Lab Set Gloves any better: Hydration in the Palm of Your Hand. This innovative solution to handhelds gives runners a comfortable way to hold up to 500ml in each hand while letting their hands stay relaxed. The Gloves just arrived in stock, and we’ve got a couple folks on staff who are excited to try them out on their next endurance run.

The Gloves come as a pair, and one 237ml (8 oz) Soft Flask is also included. We sell additional 237ml Salomon Soft Flasks and 500ml Salomon Soft Flasks, if you’re looking to carry more liquid on your run.

Many of you might remember seeing Kilian Jornet rockin’ prototypes of these puppies at Western States a couple years ago. Salomon now has them all dialed in and ready for mass consumption. Well, as ‘mass’ as you’re going to get for a premium hydration option that’s starting its own niche. Expect good breathability with the elastic mesh design, a soft wiping surface for sweat on the back of the glove, and a comfortable, customized fit since the gloves are available in 3 sizes.

Check out this video for quick rundown of the product. Full tech details are on our product page.

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