Salomon Gloves for Cold Weather Running

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My hands are always cold. Mix in a chilly morning run and my hands feel like they’re going numb. When I was first getting into running (and unaware of the benefits of “moisture-wicking” this and “chafe-free” that), I wore snow gloves on a run. And let’s just say, the amount that my hands sweat was unreal and made me question everything I thought I knew about gloves. A challenge was set before me. How do I keep my hands warm, but not too warm?

The key is selecting the proper running gloves. Not snowboarding gloves. Not little stretchy cotton gloves. Gloves made specifically for running will provide you with the features you enjoy from running apparel (breathability, efficient moisture-transfer, technical fabrication). Picking out the right running gloves can be confusing, however, and that is mainly due to the fact that it can vary a lot depending on your own personal preferences. For example, I run cold, so the gloves that might suit me on a cool day may be what my friend who runs hot would wear on a really cold day. So a helpful tip when picking out running gloves is to keep in mind whether you “run hot” or “run cold”, realizing that you may stay warmer longer or get cooler faster than other runners.

We already talked about how Salomon is killing it in the running jacket world. Well, with the same spot-on execution and quality design, they have an excellent collection of running gloves. And they’ve got something for everyone.

For cool days

For when it is just cold enough that gloves are wanted.

Salomon Active Gloves provide lightweight coverage with an optimal range of motion thanks to the thin, stretchy fabrication and an ergonomic construction. A sleek silhouette will keep you warm on days when your fingers need a little extra protection from the sting of chilly weather. The thumbs and forefingers are built with touchscreen compatible pads so you will be able to operate your smart device without needing to take off your gloves. Because who has time for that?! The elastic cuff fits snugly to your wrist, and the reflective logo gives you a little extra visibility while you run in low-light conditions.

For cold days

For when the light weight glove no longer keeps your hands warm.

Salomon Race Nordic Warm Gloves provide thermal warmth for a wintery run, and with a precision-fit you’ll find the fit less bulky than expected for a medium-thick glove. Constructed with Thinsulate™ material, a windproof back panel, and a brushed interior, this glove is perfect for cold weather protection and generates the heat you need. The soft terry fabric across the thumb is designed for wiping away sweat or water, and silicone grippers provide traction where you need it most.

For coldest days

For when it’s so cold you think about not running, but you’re a runner, so . . . .

Salomon Men’s Thermo Gloves & Salomon Women’s Thermo Gloves provide options for both guys and gals who are going to be running in the most extreme winter conditions. These gloves are thick and and yet not bulky – with advanced Thinsulate™ insulation technology, these gloves provide superior warmth without adding unnecessary weight or volume. The water-resistant coating will help to keep you dry in wet conditions, and with a slightly stretchy liner and velcro wrist cuffs you will find the customized fit helps keep the cold out. Touch-screen compatible thumb and forefinger pads ensure that you won’t be taking your gloves off to fumble with your smart device. Because it’s just too cold for that nonsense.




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