Running Hydration: Nike Trail Kiger Vest

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When it comes to finding your best hydration vest, there are a few features that prove necessary. First, there’s the fit. It has to feel secure and comfortable while you run to prevent the discomfort of bouncing or the irritation of chafing. Second, there’s the storage capacity. This will determine the quantity of hydration and other essentials you can bring with you, and ultimately, how far and long you can run.

Nike has come at us with the Trail Kiger Vest, their maiden voyage into trail hydration gear, and they hit both of these nails on the head. Nike worked with trail athletes who had a demand for a pack that would perform well for their hydration needs.


loren_half_dome_hike_run_6We asked our wear-tester, Loren, about how he liked the fit of the Trail Kiger. Loren is a trail runner, ultramarathoner, and Running Warehouse Web Content copy writer, and he commented that “it isn’t too light, or too heavy – its rigidity and weight are really even and contour well to the body.” He went on to say that the fit was ultimately the feature that stood out to him. The vest is built with flexible mesh, designed to contour to your body’s shape for a close fit. But it’s not too flexible – with a limited stretch, the construction ensures that you will feel more stability and less bounce as you run. The structured mesh shoulder straps and back panels provide breathability and comfort, while the two front-clip adjustable straps provide an easy way to customize the fit.


nike_trail_kiger_vest_7The capacity of this vest allows for a wide variety of runs, and Loren commented that the Trail Kiger Vest seemed well suited to everything from trail races to shorter adventure runs (less than 40 miles). Loren elaborated, “It has just enough capacity for long ultras, and the mid zip in the back makes it easy to load and provides a good amount of storage capacity.”


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