Running Hairstyles: Find a New Favorite

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When you hit the road or trail, you don’t want your hair to distract you from your run. Check out some of the styles we like to keep stray strands from sticking to you during a sweat sesh.

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1. French Braid Bun
A braid is the tried and true way to keep your hair securely in place on a run. We spiced it up with a hybrid of a French braid and a low bun, to keep hair off your forehead and snugly in place as you log the miles.

2. Low Pigtails with Headband
Not-quite-shoulder-length locks are cute and flirty, but can be a challenge to control on a run. We like to keep hair from sticking to sweaty skin with two low pigtails and a wide headband. We like the Buff High UV Protection Buff.

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3. Wide Headband for Bangs/Super Short Hair
If you’re going short and sexy for summer, it can be tricky to find ways to keep your locks off the back of your neck. Slip on a wide headband to keep hair out of your face and off your neck. We like The North Face Tadasana Headband.

4. Hat
For a shaved head, protect your skin from the sun’s rays with a moisture-wicking running hat. In warm summer weather we reach for versions with mesh for great ventilation to help us stay dry and comfortable. You can also slip long hair through the back hole to save your hair from breakage caused by an elastic band. We like the Brooks HVAC Infiniti Mesh Cap.

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5. Twisty Ponytail
For ladies with super thick tresses, this twist on the classic pony offers a snug hold. A few extra elastics help keep layered hair from slipping out while you run…and it’s super chic! Check out how to do it here.

What style tip have you found that works on your runs?

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