Pro and Con: The Night Running Debate

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You did it! You added running to your New Year’s resolutions. And now that you’ve spent the requisite week recovering from New Years Eve, it’s time to run! Right after work that is … in the dark… by yourself. Yikes.

A staple for the runner with a full-time job, the desert dweller, and the UV-phobe, the night run is a unique facet of the running world. As with all things, there are those who love running at night and there are those who hate it. In order to more closely examine this dichotomy we’ve imagined an argument between the two camps.

Pro and Con-versation

Pro: I’m so excited, I get to do a night run tonight!

Con: Ugh, really? I’ve never been a fan.

Pro: Why? It’s cooler at night, so I never overheat.

Con: Yeah, there’s also a million things for you to trip over. I’d rather get a little sweaty than break my ankle.

Pro: Dude, just wear a headlamp. My Black Diamond Iota was super cheap.

Con: That’s just extra weight that I’d rather not deal with.

Pro: They’re really not that heavy. You hardly notice it after you get going.

Con: My body is a finely tuned microchip. I notice everything.

Pro: Well okay then. What about those old stained shirts you have? Running in the dark means that you can run in clothes you’d prefer not to be seen in.

Con: It also keeps cars and bikes from seeing you.

Pro: I mean, potentially, but there are lights and gear that you can wear, just like the headlamp. Amphipod makes these sweet flashing clips that connect to everything.

Con: Just like the headlamp, I will only run unencumbered by the shackles of technology.

Pro: What about ending the day feeling like you’ve burned off your lunch? Being tired and ready for bed?

Con: You mean, don’t you enjoy having your run hanging over your head all day?

Pro: Fair point, but you have to admit that having less crowded trails and roads is nice.

Con: I’ll admit it can be more dangerous to be alone at night.

Pro: Yeesh, that’s dark. Well, I’m gonna head out anyway. I need to get in a good fast run.

Con: Running at night only feels faster because of your altered perception in the dim lighting.

Pro: I hate you.

Con: Love you too babe.


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