Pro and Con: Running and Daylight Saving Time

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The events of this coming Sunday will have dire consequences for individuals all over the world. Those who have begun to enjoy the warmth of the sun during their morning runs will be cast again into the darkness, whilst those who run in the evening shall be blinded by the sudden appearance of the retina-searing sun! All must lose a precious hour of sleep and be cursed with exhaustion for the entirety of their Sunday run! Misery and ruin abound!

Apparently daylight saving time is just as confusing now as it was when it was first developed. Many have made jokes that the change is only beneficial to farmers, but a quick Wikipedia search will show that agrarian individuals have historically been opposed to later sunrises during the summer months. As such, it is important that we develop a more complete understanding of this now well-instated practice while continuing to evaluate its efficacy through educated debates. With high aspirations, here is the RW Pro and Con-versation on saving daylight.

Pro: I can’t wait for this Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

Con: No. Stop.

Pro: Umm, no, let’s get into this.

Con: Daylight saving time is an outdated practice that shouldn’t exist in the first place.

Pro: Daylight saving time is a sign of an advancing society that cares for the recreational practices of its citizenry.

Con: You mean it’s a sign of a capitalist society that wishes to extend the time in which its citizenry is making purchases.

Pro: You’re just mad because your morning runs are finally starting to be light again.

Con: No! Well, yeah. So what? You’re only happy because you run in the evenings!

Image courtesy of @nathansportsinc on Instagram

Pro: Fair play, fair play. Running in the dark has been getting old.

Con: Ha! I win!

Pro: Nu-uh! You can’t say that you’re not looking forward to the extra hour of light in the evenings too!

Con: I am the darkness, and the darkness is me.

Pro: You just admitted that you enjoy sunlit morning runs.

Con: I can neither confirm nor deny that statement. What I will say is that you are forgetting that we will literally lose an hour of sleep on Saturday night. Imagine how much harder the long run will be!

Pro: One hour of sleep will hardly ruin a beautiful Sunday morning. The real problem is the fact that Daylight saving time should be the standard time. Then we wouldn’t have to deal with this early sunset business at all.

Con: Your definition of fact may need to be reevaluated.

Pro: You may need to redefine your face!


Con: Ow! You slapped me!

Pro: Just wait, you can sleep it off in October with your precious extra hour. Ahhh! Put down the scissors!

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