Performance Running Belts Buying Guide

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“What’s with the fanny pack?” Whoa whoa whoa, hold up. This isn’t your mom’s fanny pack.

Hey, we’re not knocking fanny packs (or your mom). An 80s staple, fanny packs held all the stuff your pockets couldn’t store, and proved less cumbersome than purses or backpacks.

Performance running belts are much more than that, though. Running belts are designed for comfortable storage on the run, and with a technical construction, you can be sure that they are made to stand the test of even your toughest runs.

Since your running needs are diverse, we offer a diverse selection of running belts. Here are a few of our top picks.

Waistband Belts

waistband_belts_collageThe Nathan Hipster and the FlipBelt are both waistband style belts because, much like an elastic, wide waistband, it stretches around your waist (no attachment, hook, or buckle) for a snug, low profile look. These belts both provide stretchy material that helps to hold your items in place as you run, and since there is no attachment piece, it causes less irritation. The Hipster comes with four large pockets within the band, containing partitions for separation with easy access from the outside. The FlipBelt, however, provides you with one continuous pocket sleeve with no separation of compartments, and you flip the belt over for secure storage, making this belt more ideal for storing items you don’t need easy access to while on the run.

Hydration Belt

salomon_agile_500_beltNot all running belts come with room for hydration, so the Salomon Agile 500 Belt provides an option for runners who want a convenient spot to stow their liquids. With enough storage space for the 17 ounce flask that comes with it, this belt comes with an additional zippered pocket in back for the other essentials you may want to bring along. If you don’t want to use the hydration flask on your run, the front zippered pocket becomes freed up for additional storage of gloves, a small jacket, or even an iPhone 6 Plus.

Race Day Belt

ultraspire_quantum_20_beltThe UltrAspire Quantum 2.0 Belt comes with various technical features built in to not only enhance your training runs, but also for your next race. With a spacious zippered pocket in front and two small rear pockets (one open mesh with elastic closure and one water-resistant with magnetic closure), you can hold your keys, nutrition, and smartphone (up to an iPhone 6 size). The unique elastic waist attachment system allows you to easily adjust the fit, and allows for a small flex as you run to help prevent bounce. Not only that, there is less chance of irritation as you run. Race number clips are hidden in front, making this belt perfect for race day. With all of these features, this belt still maintains a slender profile.

Women Specific Belt

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 2.15.51 PMUltrarunner Jenny Jurek collaborated with Ultimate Direction and other female runners in the design of the Ultimate Direction Jenny Meow Belt. Not only has it been tested by women runners, the slender profile and narrow strap and closure offer a sleek, feminine look, and the stretch mesh construction moves with you as you run, fitting a variety of female body shapes. The zippered pocket has an internal divider, perfect for the woman runner who likes to keep her essentials separated. With an internal hook, your keys won’t jump around as you run, keeping them secured in place.


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