Introducing 4 New Salomon Skin Packs

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Salomon XA Advanced Skin S-Lab 12 Set Pack & XT Skin Pro 3 Set Pack

Many trail runners already know about the snug fit and feature-packed versatility of the Salomon XT Advanced Skin S-Lab 5 Set Pack ($180.00). In addition to offering exceptional comfort, this pack provides over half a dozen different pockets and an advanced bladder system.

With the popularity of the S-Lab 5 Set pack, it was only a matter of time before Salomon would roll out additional models. All of the new models, in addition to our new shipments of the S-Lab 5 Set pack, include a Hydrapak PVC / BPA free 1.5 L bladder.

4 New Salomon Packs

  • XA Advanced Skin S-Lab 12 Set Pack ($200.00): Built to carry the hydration and equipment needs of UTMB and other endurance races, this pack is considerably larger than the S-Lab 5 Set pack (12 L volume vs. 5 L volume), and will weigh in about half a pound heavier when empty. The design is very similar to the S-Lab 5 Set pack, with highlights including breathable mesh construction, numerous zippered pockets, and several storage areas. Like the S-Lab 5 Set pack, the S-Lab 12 Set pack is available in two sizes for a custom fit.
  • XA Skin Pro 14 + 3 Set Pack ($135.95): As the 14 + 3 in the name implies, this pack can hold up to 17 L of hydration and equipment. The pack also features zippered expansion for a customized fit based on the amount of gear you’re carrying.
  • XA Skin Pro 10 + 3 Set Pack ($126.95): Carry up to 13 L of hydration and gear in this form-fitting pack. Except for size, the design of this pack is identical to that of the 14 + 3 Set pack.
  • XT Skin Pro 3 Set Pack ($109.95): A compact pack with a focus on hydration and carrying only the essentials, the 3 Set pack gives you a secure and lightweight platform (under 12 oz) to support you during shorter to moderate-length runs. It’s available in bright red and light green (shown above).

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