Keep Your Hands Toasty with Gloves and Mittens

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If you get real winters (you know, snow to shovel, temperatures that drop below freezing), then gloves are a necessity on your runs to ward off frostbite. But even if you live in a temperate place like the Central Coast of California (don’t hate us!), gloves paired with a beanie and a run vest can add just the right amount of extra warmth on chilly winter mornings and nights.

If the temperature has really plummeted, you might need even more warmth than gloves can provide. That’s where mittens come in. Mittens can be even warmer than gloves because they trap your escaping body heat and warm the air around your fingers. Some brands even offer hybrid glove/mitten transformers that offer the warmth of mittens, with the utility of gloves. Here are a few of our favorite gloves and mittens for different weather conditions.

Intense wind: Manzella Silkweight Windstopper Gloves (Men’s/Women’s)

  • A GORE 3-layer WINDSTOPPER shell keeps frigid gales off your fingers. Reflective grid pattern on the fingertips gives you better use of your hands and increases visibility.

Extreme cold:

(gloves) Brooks Wanganui Shelter Gloves

  • A dense fill material on the back of these gloves backs a powerful thermal punch, and the soft lining is embedded with silver fibers that help hands maintain a consistent temperature.

(mittens) Saucony Ulti-Mitt

  • This versatile accessory offers excellent protection against the cold with a pull-over mitt to trap heat. Water resistant exterior adds extra protection, and a USB_LED increases your visibility in low-light settings.

Moderate cold: Asics Thermopolis Gloves

  • The brushed interior and wind-resistant exterior make these gloves great for cold weather. If your nose starts to run when you do, never fear…the soft terry material on the thumbs offers a great wiping surface.

Chilly and brisk: Saucony Ultimate Run Gloves

  • Lightweight and moisture-wicking, these gloves are great for those days when your hands just need a little something extra to get through your run comfortably.

Rainy and wet: Sugoi Firewall XT Gloves

  • When you encounter sleet/snow/rain/all-of-the-above on your run, your hands will thank you for the waterproof protection of the Sugoi Firewall XT Gloves. These gloves also offer intense thermal benefits for cold weather.

Low light: Saucony Protection Gloves ViZiPRO

  • ViZiPRO Orange or ViZiPRO Pink help you be seen by motorists when you’re running in low light. Reflectivity and a rechargeable USB_LED light increase visibility in the dark.

Versatile: Pearl Izumi Shine Wind Mitt

  • Thermal fabric is great for cold days, and this stowable hi-viz mitt adds extra warmth and visibility in low-light. A key pocket on the wrist and intense reflectivity make this a versatile option for changing weather conditions.

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