Julbo Breeze Sunglasses Review

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I’ve never had much luck finding a good pair of sunglasses to get me through year-round training. Fit has always been the main thing for me, and I dislike the way most sunglasses feel like they are just in the way.

I was skeptical when I began testing the Julbo Breeze, although I had seen them on the faces of many professional trail and mountain runners. I’ve now been wearing these glasses for about 3 months through a variety of conditions: soft and hard-packed snow, technical trails, roads, and all over the mountains. I’m not ashamed to tell you that I love these glasses. Here’s why.

They fit beautifully

The Breeze takes the term ‘adjustable temples’ to a whole new level, with about ¾ of the armbands made of a sturdy, but very flexible plastic. This makes the fit versatile for a wide variety of faces, from the skinniest (yours truly) to those with wider face shapes. This means that it takes a bit of time to adjust them to just the right width the first time you wear them, but thereafter you have a perfect fit.

These glasses are incredibly lightweight for a full-coverage glass style. When you hold them in your hand they may not feel the lightest, but the lightness is definitely a factor of the fit. When wearing these shades, you certainly won’t feel the weight as you might in another style. I have had no issue wearing the Breeze for up to 12 hours.


They don’t get in my way

With previous sunglasses, I’ve had to remove them before tackling a fast, technical downhill. I hated the way sunglasses would fog up, bounce, or slide down my nose as I looked down. Although there was a little bit of fogging at times, the Breeze stayed in place with no bouncing or sliding whatsoever. The fit of the nose piece, with its grippy material, was exceptional and held the glasses in place even when sweat was a factor.

I can see the trail

The optics on Julbo sunglasses is where it’s at. They provided an excellent balance of protection for both bright and dimmer conditions. One notable example was a race I ran in the spring, which included plenty of snow, an early morning start and lots of technical up and downhill running. I wore the glasses the entire race and never felt annoyed or that my vision was obscured.

The Breeze also feature a panoramic lens shape, which is remarkable in the way that it allows you to see the trail without obstruction from the frame.

Whether or not you’re already a sunglasses wearer, the Julbo Breeze may just convert you too.

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